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50 Communication Mantras to Live By 2017

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We have a variety of templates and guides in the office. Guides for writing articles, blogs, marketing documents, tip guides–you name it. In 2011, nearly 10 years after starting The Chief Storyteller®, I realized we didn’t have a consolidated list, in one place, of all our mantras–the phrases, statements, aha’s, rules, etc.–that “guide” us as we create and deliver content, messages, marketing materials, training, services, etc. for you.

Since January of 2011, I have been sharing our Top 50 Communication Mantras. These mantras serve as mini roadmaps. As such, each mantra blog entry, has background image of a road, highway, path, or bridge. Some are straight, some are curvy. Some turns you can see, some you can’t. Just like life.

Think about the mantras below and how they can help prompt new and fresh approaches to improve your individual performance and organizational performance as they relate to better communication.

Example areas include all-hands-meetings and town hall meetings, recruiting and on-boarding, website, customer service, conference presentations and public speaking, organization storytelling and individual storytelling, sales/outreach/development, learning and development, marketing and messaging, social media, and so much more. Here are the Communication Mantras 2017.

Personal Storytelling Mantras

01. People are at the heart of every great story
02. Stories are how people remember you
03. Use humor if you want to (New Yorker Cartoons)
04. Write in your authentic voice
05. Write and speak conversationally
06. Write emails as if they will be read on a smart phone
07. Tell more personal stories with relevant business messages

Brand & Organizational Storytelling

08. Promise a better tomorrow. We call this your Better Tomorrow Message
09. Know your elevator speech / elevator pitch / mission statement (core business story)
10. Ensure your core business story is unified throughout all communication materials
11. Your brand story is everything
12. Success stories are key to differentiation
13. Social communities are built on personal and business stories
14. Deliver on the expected experience


15. It’s all about them
16. Relationships matter
17. Business stories are the engine of relationships and relationships are the engine of continued success
18. Credibility is more important than expertise in the beginning of relationships
19. Send hand-written thank you notes, especially job hunters
20. Active listening is key to building great relationships
21. Treat everyone like a CEOTM
22. Stop listening to your Mother. Talk to strangers at networking events
23. It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you
24. Treat every client like your best client
25. Be a deliberate networker
26. Be a people bridge and make referrals
27. Be a mentor
28. People crave genuine connection
29. First Impressions Make Lasting Impressions: offer a warm smile, firm handshake, and good eye contact

Marketing & Communication

30. Write to the 10th-grade level
31. Content is king
32. (Good) blog and article content matters the most
33. Ensure your audiences ask only “Interest Questions
34. Content first. Design second
35. Always have a second person read your content before publishing
36. Design your website for your target audiences (not your staff)
37. Inspire Action:  facts do not persuade and inspire, people do
38. Audiences are hungry for original thought-provoking content
39. Think like a Thought Leader. Get yourself known (e.g., LinkedIn updates, SlideShare posts, and Tweet good information)
40. Speak in headlines
41. Maintain a detailed Ideal Target Profile/Persona for your key target audiences

Personal & Professional Development

42. But is the worst word in the English language (and many other languages)
43. Words really, really, really matter
44. Have positive self-talk conversations
45. Change is a choice
46. Create your own success momentum
47. Be a student every day
48. Be a whole body communicator
49. Avoid fillers (um, ah, like, you know)
50. Be a deliberate communicator

Mantras Over the Years

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (this post), 2018, 2019

Photography Source:  Unsplash, CJ Lamb
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Ira Koretsky

Ira Koretsky has built The Chief Storyteller® into one of the most recognized names in communication, especially business storytelling. He has delivered over 500 keynote presentations and workshops in nearly a dozen countries, in more than one hundred cities, across 30 plus industries. His specialties are simplifying the complex and communicating when the stakes are high. He is also an adjunct professor in public speaking and storytelling at the University of Maryland's Business School. With over 25 years of experience, he is a sought-after storytelling coach, global speaker, trainer, consultant, communication coach, and public speaking coach.