We offer over a variety of workshops across 6 workforce development learning categories (see below). Every program is designed to improve individual and organizational performance. Every program is customized to your learning objectives and organization’s culture (visit Meeting Planners to learn more). Every program is actionable with specific take-aways and exercises matched to your learning objectives. And every program offers a safe and fun learning experience.

Ira Koretsky and Sylvia Baffour, your workshop facilitators, ensure your program is educational, engaging, and actionable. They have worked with growing firms, Fortune 50 companies, associations, universities, charities, and government agencies around the world (customers, success stories, video clips, and testimonials).

To learn more about their style and approach to delivering engaging and actionable workshops, please visit the Meeting Planner page as well as the Video Clips page.

For a complete list of workshop titles, click below.


  1. Executive Storytelling:  How Leaders Use Stories to Engage, Persuade, and Inspire
  2. Speak Like TED:  5 Strategies to become as Inspiring and Memorable as the World’s Top Speakers
  3. Awaken the Storytelling Giant in You
  4. What Do You Do?  How to Develop a “Wow! Tell Me More” 30-Second Story (Elevator Pitch)
  5. Storytelling for Sales
  6. Storytelling for Scientists & Engineers
  7. Paint by Numbers:  How to Craft a Story Using Data

Ira and Sylvia can blend topics together; co-facilitate/co-present, create exercises and interactions specific to your team; and balance fun with serious (contact us). Click the boxes below to learn more about the programs available to you.


  1. Storytelling
  2. Leadership Communication / Executive Development
  3. Sales, Outreach, or Development
  4. Marketing, Branding, Social Media, and Thought Leadership
  5. Team Building
  6. Presentation & Public Speaking