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Be a Lighthouse – Scan Your Audience – Tip

By March 29, 2024No Comments
The lighthouse at Phares dans la Tempete, la Jument. Be a lighthouse, scanning your audience as a public speaker or trainer

Be a Lighthouse. Scan your audience. Here’s a tip as a public speaker or trainer. This is the answer I provided to the LinkedIn question, “How can you use active listening to manage your speech time?”

There are two overriding thoughts as a speaker/trainer.

  1. Speaking for Timing
  2. Speaking for Engagement

For (1), I have learned from over 20 years of speaking globally, to end one or two minutes early. There is a clear expectation to end on time.

This being said, for (2) You are there to be an edutainer – educator and entertainer, engaging your audience’s hearts and minds.

And to do this effectively, you must, must, must use active listening to gauge engagement.

Be a lighthouse. Continuously scan your audience. Are the participants nodding along, taking notes, asking questions?

I use these cues to adjust my pacing and more importantly, my content. I decide to go longer or shorter depending upon engagement.


Photography Source: Wikipedia – Phares dans la Tempete, la Jument
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Ira Koretsky

Ira Koretsky is the CEO of The Chief Storyteller®. He helps you improve performance and employee engagement with better communication. Storytelling in all its forms is his secret sauce. He is also an adjunct professor in public speaking, storytelling, and data storytelling at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business. With over 25 years of experience, he is a sought-after global speaker, trainer, consultant, and coach for storytelling and public speaking.