fathers day, sea monster, super hero dad, dad with makeup and hair pins Blog

Happy Father’s Day 2019

Here are three dad photographs - one wacky sea monster, one touching superhero family, and one fun matching hair pin daddy daughter duo. To all of the fathers and grandfathers,…
Ira Koretsky
June 19, 2019
happy mothers day 2019, large wonder woman toy playing with small superman and batman Blog

Happy Mother’s Day 2019

To all of the mothers and grandmothers, thank you for being good role models, caring and nurturing us, and inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves. Everybody’s story…
Ira Koretsky
May 12, 2019
happy teacher appreciation week with fun icons and celebratory rockets and fireworks for national teacher appreciation week 2019 Blog

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day 2019

To all of the teachers, professors, parents, teaching assistants, teacher aids, caregivers, faculty, staff, and state/county/city/town employees who give so much to children to provide a sound education, a safe…
Ira Koretsky
May 9, 2019
ira koretsky, the chief storyteller, before delivering his keynote on storytelling, poster says, happy world storytelling day Blog

Happy World Storytelling Day 2019

Happy World Storytelling Day! According to the World Storytelling Day website... World Storytelling Day is celebrated every year on March equinox and the following week. This year it starts on…
Dave Michaels
March 20, 2019
happy new year 2019 - fireworks over London Bridge Blog

Happy New Year 2019

From everyone at The Chief Storyteller®, have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2019. "I stopped trying to make my life perfect, and instead tried to make it interesting." - Drew…
Ira Koretsky
January 1, 2019