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Celebrate International Women’s Day IWD2021

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international women's day iwd2021 from UN Women - stylized women with bright pastel colors

In previous years, we have shared inspirational quotes and last year we included videos. This year, for IWD2021, we will again share some wonderful videos from around the world celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 (IWD2021). And as we always do, we include videos that will challenge your thinking, challenge the status quo, and encourage us to think about why indeed, there is a need for IWD2021.

From UN Women,

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day (8 March), “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world,” celebrates the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights the gaps that remain.

This is the complete video for UN Women celebration in observance IWD2021. The theme is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world on the way to the Generation Equality Forum”. IWD2021 celebration is hosted by Sophia Pierre-Antoine, PSEA Officer at IOM HQ and former Board Co-Chair of FRIDA Young Feminist Fund. There are a variety of guest speakers, including H.E. António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations; H.E. Volkan Bozkir, President of the General Assembly; H.E. Mher Margaryan, Chair of the 65th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women; Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of UN Women; Somaya Faruqi, Member of the Afghan Girls Robotic Team; H.E. Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland; Aya Chebbi, outgoing African Union Youth Envoy and Chair of Africa Young Women Manifesto Group; Special video message by Eva Longoria, actress, activist, producer, and philanthropist. Musical performances by Pihcintu Chorus, Angelica Hale and Broadway Singers.

YouTube:  Here’s To Strong Women; We May Know Them. We May Be Them. We May Raise Them. Here’s To Strong Women who are now the leaders of the new generation. We need more girls growing up and tackling the stereotypes to lead our Parliaments, our Boardrooms, our Courtrooms and Universities. We need more girls like YOU to be able to be the future leaders and future decision-makers. This video is a simple motivational and inspirational reminder for all the strong women out there. Here is to all the women founders, the women influencers and the heroes who are not planning to give up and have no incentive to quit the battle.

YouTube:  Welcome To The Official Australian Open TV YouTube Channel. Here you will find exclusive action and interviews featuring the likes of Novak Djokovic, Sofia Kenin, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka and Rafael Nadal, plus legends including Maria Sharapova, Andre Agassi, Martina Navratilova and Pete Sampras.

YouTube:  International Women’s Day (IWD2021) is celebrated every year on March 8 – but why is this day important? What does the day signify? This Miniclip explores the origins of women’s suffrage throughout the United Kingdom’s modern history including the impact of World War I on women’s rights and the granting of voting rights for women. It also discusses damaging stereotypes for both girls and boys, the presence of gender inequality that still exists today, and how to celebrate the women in your own life.

YouTube:  We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements. Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world. From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.

Can You Solve the IWD2020 Riddle? from MindSpace

The Chief Storyteller®:  I asked numerous people this “riddle” and rare was the person who gave the right answer. As such, I included it here again for IWD2021.
From YouTube: Is gender equality in the workplace still an issue? We ran an experiment with 22 people, all trying to solve the same riddle, and recorded their surprised responses. Watch the video to find out the answer!

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Photography Source: UN Women/Yihui Yuan
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