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Public Speaking to Wow Your Audiences in a Virtual World – Webinar

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The Montgomery County (Maryland) Chamber of Commerce invites you to a hands-on webinar, focused on being a more effective public speaker in a virtual world. It is facilitated by Ira Koretsky, CEO of The Chief Storyteller ®.

Guests are invited to attend this fast-paced program to help you accelerate your sales success.

This is the second in a two-part series. This program helps you be a more inspiring and more effective public speaker in a virtual world. We take your hard work from Part 1’s program by identifying the right stories to tell, and bring them to life to help you influence and persuade in your prospecting and sales meetings.

Public Speaking to Wow Your Audiences in a Virtual World

3 Strategies to Be More Inspiring and More Memorable


Presented by: Ira Koretsky
CEO, The Chief Storyteller ®
Hands-On Sales Enablement Webinar
When: 28 April, 10:00 – 11:30 am
Hosted by: Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce


Great presenters transform ideas into action. They put their messages, experiences, and personal stories into a meaningful context for their audiences. Great presenters do not just tell us what we should know, they sound a call to action and inspire us to do it.

Join Ira Koretsky, The Chief Storyteller®, for this VERY hands-on virtual workshop so you too can inspire your audiences to action in your authentic way.

Strategy 1 focuses on improving what you say, your narrative text.

Strategy 2 focuses on improving how you say it, your verbal delivery.

Strategy 3 focuses on improving your executive presence online.

Bring a story, printed or memorized, to practice in a friendly, learning-laboratory environment. Examples include your founder’s story, sales success story, differentiation story, and customer service story.

Learn first-hand from Ira how to Wow! your audiences with practical exercises, insightful stories, and visual examples. Throughout the program, Ira engages you with practical exercises, insightful stories, and visual examples.

Key Learning Benefits

  • Learn easy-to-implement techniques to ensure your messages and stories are remembered
  • Improve (dramatically) your public speaking effectiveness in virtual meetings
  • Become more confident in delivering your messages to any audience
  • Be more effective in influencing and persuading

The Zoom link will be in your confirmation email after registering.


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Ira Koretsky

Ira Koretsky has built The Chief Storyteller® into one of the most recognized names in communication, especially business storytelling. He has delivered over 500 keynote presentations and workshops in nearly a dozen countries, in more than one hundred cities, across 30 plus industries. His specialties are simplifying the complex and communicating when the stakes are high. He is also an adjunct professor in public speaking and storytelling at the University of Maryland's Business School. With over 25 years of experience, he is a sought-after storytelling coach, global speaker, trainer, consultant, communication coach, and public speaking coach.