Tip – Ensure Your Customer Service is Authentic and Resonates with THEM

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congrats winning lottery ticket - ira koretsky with young woman at bagels n grinds demonstrating outstanding customer service and friendly attitude

Just the other day I went to Bagels n’ Grinds for a breakfast meeting to catch up with one of my clients. After ordering my bagel and egg sandwich, the customer service young woman, asked “Is there anything else I can get you?” She said it in a very genuine way with a bright smile.

I decided to put my improv comedy hat on at that moment and replied, “Yes please, I would like a winning lottery ticket” (note, this is something I do fairly often to gauge the level of “play” in retail locations when customer service professionals ask similar questions, especially of wait staff in restaurants. I find it to be an excellent litmus test, which rarely fails).

She put her palm toward me, smiled, and said, “Wait a moment.”  As she walked away, I honestly stopped paying attention to her and instead, waited patiently for my food order. A minute or so later, she came back and handed me my “winning lottery ticket,” again with that bright smile.

In my 10 years(ish) of responding with my tongue-in-cheek request for a winning lotter ticket, NO ONE has ever brought me something in response, let alone something as clever and as original.

She kindly took a picture with me. Now, when we see each other, there is an immediate and reciprocal smile.

What are your customer service team members doing to engage your prospects and customers, in authentic ways, that resonate with THEM?

What is your culture of engagement?

Do your guiding principles foster good will or sound formal and distant?

winning lottery ticket ira koretsky and customer service young woman posing with the ticket

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