Definition of Outstanding Customer Service – Thank You, Thank You FedEx

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fedex home delivery truck with smiling driver, arms crossed, in a comfortable and natural pose, demonstrating outstanding customer service

My new high speed, low drag, desktop computer was scheduled to arrive today. The delivery window is quite wide from morning to evening.

In preparation for receiving the new computer, I rescheduled a few meetings and changed some in-person meetings to a telephone call. When 4 pm came, I had to leave for the University of Maryland to ensure I would arrive by 5 pm to start teaching my class “Business Career Strategies.” I said to myself, “There is just, no way around it!”

I figured that Murphy would be looking over my shoulder as soon as I left for the Maryland campus.

And boy I was right.

FedEx has an excellent customer service tool that sends you email notifications. After class, I checked me email and it said that delivery was attempted at 5:10 pm. Of course, just my luck (frown).

Now, I was resigned to calling Fedex customer service tonight to put my package on a hold list so that I could pick it up later in the week–too much going on in the next few days.

On the way home, I encountered late rush hour traffic. About 40 minutes, later as I was turning the corner on the last street before my house, I saw the FedEx truck.

My heart literally raced. I immediately thought to myself, “could it be?” I parked behind the truck and noticed the driver was inside. He rolled down his window and smiled. I gave him my name and sure enough, he had my package.

How did luck shine on me? Well, Mr. FedEx driver thought he should come back later in the evening to see if I would be there to pick up the package. I asked him, “did you come back just for me?”

He smiled and said “yes.” I beamed with a Cheshire cat smile, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

Totally unexpected. Outstanding customer service!

Photography Source:  Ann Arbor Michigan FedEx

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