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Alejandro Corona is a marketing superstar. I have enjoyed his posts on everything related to marketing. Here is his latest post on storytelling.

Today is the day for storytelling, the creative power that gives life to brands. Now the products and services have a voice. They are people. They can share their stories in an emotional way. They can connect the consumer with interesting stories that captivate him.

Who wants to share this excitement, and even better, participate?

Ideas are Stories

One of the best definitions of an idea is that it is a story. Therefore, storytelling is linked to great ideas and the art of storytelling.  The stories that are capable of causing intrigue, desire, and a link with consumers. Within the phases, includes a beginning, a development of the plot, and an outcome. This is the basic structure of a brand story. The principle idea of your story must capture interest. You can also consider including one or more fictional or real characters.

The Content

Storytelling offers the simplicity of combining basic principles of marketing and fundamental rules of storytelling. This communication technique is mainly based on social media and content marketing. It also offers the possibility of including off-line actions such as activations and points of contact through multiple media. Brands can include digital media owned or earned (owned & earned media).

History is the Product

The narrative process is governed by the essence of the product, although it can become a unbranded story . It is crucial the narrative is credible and transparent, synchronized to the culture and personality of the firm. The ability to tell stories is through different technologies, in multiple points of contact.

Emotional Connection

Consumers seek emotional connections. Consumers remember the way the brand makes them feel. In these moments, the logic is less important. The product is the plot, the argument. The startups are the ones with the greatest possibility of generating this type of emotional connection because of their technological roots.

Content is King

Give prominence to the consumer, let him be co-creator. Test. There is a lot of ground for experimentation.

This is an example of what Google has done for one of its brands: Google Chrome.


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Alejandro Corona

Innovation mover and shaker. Alejandro has collaborated in agencies such as Ogilvy, Publicis, and JWT where he was General Manager of Glue. For José Cuervo, he launched the Hispanic market and created Frozen Traditional Raven. He is a Google Champion, a speaker for Merca2.0, and a professor for the University of San Diego and California. Alejandro is also a Judge of the Effie Awards and Amapro Victories for eight consecutive years. He has won awards at global festivals. He is currently a CMO at Aspel (Grupo Carso), a software company that serves more than 900,000 SMEs. It has an MBI (Master in Business Innovation 2018).

Twitter: @alexcorona

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