Fantastic Storytelling – “Every Hotel Tells A Story”

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kimpton hotels message, every hotel tells a story, on all branding materials

Every Hotel Tells A Story

The Kimpton Hotels message is pure and simple, great. It is a great phrase… a great message… a great story. It inspires you to say, “Tell me more.” At The Chief Storyteller ®, we call this your Better Tomorrow Message TM (BTM). I learned of Kimpton’s BTM when I stayed at the Hotel Monaco in Chicago.

I was Chicago to present a half-day workshop for the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).


As I always do, I look around. I look around for interesting marketing materials, messages, customer service, branding, people, culture, and stories. After checking in, I headed to the elevator. And in just a few seconds, I noticed the poster with the Better Tomorrow Message TM, “Every hotel tells a story.”  “Wow!” I thought.

After getting settled in my room, I returned to the lobby to talk to the hotel staff to learn more about their storytelling campaign.

I talked with the front desk staff, whom then invited the assistant general manager to join us.  They all told me that the campaign was about a year old.  All of them appreciated the message and embraced it. They were especially excited about ensuring their hotel, The Hotel Monaco, told its own unique story within the bigger brand, the Kimpton Hotels (website).

The card key, card wallets, and posters are branded across the entire Kimpton Hotels chain (see pictures below).  Did you notice the heart in the latte?  I love the subtle and metaphorical imagery.  The slogan/tag line is also great: “care | comfort | style | flavor | fun.”  The website at the time in 2005 had a website dedicated to “Story.”

What are you doing to engage prospects and customers? Promote and extend your brand? Inspire your employees?

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kimpton hotels message on room key cards and room wallets, every hotel tells a story, on all branding materials
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