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Honored to be a Columnist at WBJ

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washington monument with reflecting pool, washington, dc to represent being a columnist for the WBJ

I am honored to be a columnist for the 2008 Business Smarts series for the Washington Business Journal. The announcement came in the January 11 issue in an article titled, “Meet the 2008 Columnists.”

Rewind three years’ish. I met Tim Burn, Editor of the Washington SmartCEO Magazine. We connected on a number of professional and personal levels. Over time, we built a strong relationship based on the various connections.

With Tim now at the Washington Business Journal, we chatted several months ago about the potential of being a columnist. He was launching a new series for WBJ called, “Business Smarts.” Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. WBJ is a well-regarded business publication and has syndication throughout the country.

Fast forward to today. My first article will be appear in the January 18th issue. I’ll link to all of the articles below as they are published.

I will be be writing articles related to business storytelling, public speaking, and presentation development and delivery, building strong relationships through networking, developing an engaging elevator pitch, storytelling for leaders, effective selling techniques, better body language, and data storytelling.

Thanks to patience, planned randomness, and deliberate personal and professional relationship building with Tim, I look forward to a great year with the Washington Business Journal as a Business Smarts columnist.

To read all of our articles, select the category, “Articles.”


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Ira Koretsky

Ira Koretsky has built The Chief Storyteller® into one of the most recognized names in communication, especially business storytelling. He has delivered over 500 keynote presentations and workshops in nearly a dozen countries, in more than one hundred cities, across 30 plus industries. His specialties are simplifying the complex and communicating when the stakes are high. He is also an adjunct professor in public speaking and storytelling at the University of Maryland's Business School. With over 25 years of experience, he is a sought-after storytelling coach, global speaker, trainer, consultant, communication coach, and public speaking coach.