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Using The Great Data Stories Framework™ complemented by practical tools and templates, Ira Koretsky shows you how to turn your ideas, data, research, and findings into a story-driven format that is compelling and persuasive.

Services provided include workshops and hands-on support for your public speaking and presentations.

If you are seeking significant, sustained improvement, consider our Data Storytelling program and coaching.


All too often, we see data scientists spend their valuable time and money making accurate charts. With this accuracy, comes unnecessary complexity such as small fonts, numerous labels, and color cacophony. In turn, this complexity reduces the presenter’s effectiveness.

We are re-defining data visualization or now, the new phrase, data with storytelling as:

“Your ability to communicate complex information in a clear and compelling manner to your stakeholders using a deliberate combination of data, visuals, and stories.”

Decision-makers need data stories to break through the visual noise. Experts differ at the actual number of advertisements, messages, and requests we see every day. The range is 2,500 to 10,000 (CBS News, Forbes, NY Times).  These are BIGGG numbers. And for most of us, the ads and messages are ignored.

Data has no voice. No context. No ability to persuade. Only you do. Therefore, data should NEVER be the focus of your presentation. Rather, data should provide the foundation for your presentation. A data with storytelling presentation is your goal, with compelling stories and messages complementing your data, research, findings, etc.

You’re the data experts. We’re the communication experts.

Let us show you how to master data with storytelling.

Effective Data Stories Are the Key to Your Success

The human brain is wired for stories (Cognitive Psychology, Robert J. Sternberg, Karin Sternberg). Research study after research study, demonstrate stories have a greater impact on decision makers than facts and figures (Harvard Business Review, The Storytelling Animal). The Chief Storyteller®‘s Data with Storytelling services and training ensures that your:

  • Stories make your data come alive
  • Stories make your ideas more interesting
  • Stories enable you to connect to your audiences faster and more powerfully
  • Stories make data more persuasive
  • Stories are remembered
  • Stories make your presentations (more) fun


Ira helps you solve a variety of data visualization, data with storytelling, and communication challenges. The main challenges he sees include:

Become Audience-Centered Do your main message and supporting messages resonate with your stakeholders?
Pass the “Grandma Test” Can your audience understand each visual in three seconds or less? Do they seem (regularly) confused by any of your visuals?
Improve Decision-Making Can decisions be made quickly and accurately based on your data, findings, and recommendations?
Access to Leadership Do your presentations/stories/findings open doors to your leadership team, opinion leaders, and thought leaders?
Minimize Visual Clutter Are stakeholders confused by one or more elements (e.g., image, icon, word, visual, arrow, graphic, and chart) in your visuals?
Select the Right Visual Are you testing different visuals to communicate your message? Do your visuals immediately convey your intended message?
Influence & Persuasion Are your data visualizations engaging, compelling, and inspiring?
Use Effective Colors Do the colors complement your message? Do the colors confuse your audience? Are the colors readable?


Make decision-making easier and more effective with your data, research, and findings. We offer complete and à la carte Data with Storytelling presentation services highlighted below.

business professionals and executives drawn to your idea, your idea lightbulb for your presentation for conference, workshop, storytelling with data, all-hands meeting, townhall


  • Analysis of Audience
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Value proposition / Better Tomorrow Message
  • Identify key questions
  • Identify key objections
  • Identify stories – organization & personal
  • Identify interactions (video, story, question, exercise, etc.)
  • Develop stakeholder / persona profiles
  • The Great Data Stories Framework™ Fundamentals
graphic of woman working on presentation slides for your conference, workshop, storytelling with data, all-hands meeting, townhall


  • Storyboard
  • Attention-getting opening
  • Inspiring closing
  • Data Storytelling – visuals and charts
  • Talking points & full script
  • Story development
    • Today Stories
    • Purpose Stories
    • Signature Stories
  • Optional graphic design services
public speaking - executives deliver their presentation for conference, workshop, storytelling with data, all-hands meeting, townhall


  • Speaking Enhancements (our secret sauce)
  • Master Q&A
  • Increase impact with figures of speech
  • Think faster on your feet
  • Body language (eyes, hands, face, movement)
  • Vocal variety
  • Timing & pacing
  • Practice & rehearse
  • Exercises to build skills and improve confidence

One of the most important aspects to the success of the program were the pre-interviews. Ira spent time with each participant getting to know them and getting to know their important issues. When it came time for Ira to conduct the training, his research was appreciated by everyone in the room. His examples, stories, and exercises were are all customized to my team’s needs and what I wanted the learning opportunities to be. Over the past few months, I have seen positive changes in our team effectiveness due to his training program and my executive team’s reinforcement of the key takeaways.

Employee (name withheld)United States Federal Government

I was so appreciative of the effort you made to do your homework. Our business isn’t easy for an outsider to understand. Your pre-interviews and homework really made a difference. The presentation was relevant and interesting. Most importantly, I came away with specific suggestions that I could incorporate immediately – without having to buy into a brand new way of going about my day.

Nicole HalloranBusiness Development Manager, Appleton Coated

I was in Ira’s session at VETS2015 and could not leave the room! Everyone hung on to every word. I said to myself, “I need to get Ira to speak at my other conferences!” We did. Ira was fantastic, again! Attendees hung on every word (again). He delivered his messages on better communications and storytelling while challenging them in a good way. Ira ended his keynote with his “Treat Everyone Like A CEO” exercise — a BIG hit. To see 950 people laughing, smiling, and communicating created a very positive atmosphere and set the tone for the rest of the conference. Ira hit “a home run.”

Earl MorganDepartment of Energy, Conference Manager

Ira Koretsky made me look good. I recommended him as a personal development speaker at our annual meeting in Denver. As one of ten concurrent sessions, this type of program generally pulls about 100 participants, tops. More than 400 people showed up for Ira’s session and stayed. The real estate industry relies on strong personal relationships and trust. Increasingly, demands make it easy to lose sight of this. Several industry legends told me that Ira’s program was something of an intervention, putting them back on the game where it belonged—with people. Thanks, Ira!

Ann OliveriSenior Vice President, Strategic Development, The Urban Land Institute

Ira did a phenomenal job for us as speaker and moderator at our Innovation Conference in Berlin in 2007. Ira truly understand the value of storytelling in communicating value to the marketplace and evangelizing new ideas internally.

Andres JordanVP, North America, Deutsche Telekom, Berlin, Germany

Ira has spoken at several ASAE & The Center’s Great Ideas Conferences and he always receives very positive feedback from attendees. His speaking style is very engaging in that he provides a good mix of audience interaction and formal presentation. Anyone who attends his sessions will walk away with new ideas on how to approach relationship building, networking, business storytelling and much more. I would highly recommend him to speak at other conferences and events!

Megan DenhardtSenior Manager, Learning, ASAE & The Center

Ira has a unique and captivating way of looking at how organizations communicate–what they are doing today and what they should be doing. He engaged our participants with relevant ideas and made very practical suggestions that we could all use the next day.

Pete K.United States Federal Government

We had this excellent program inside our agency that was designed to improve the health of communities/cities across the United States. After conducting telephone calls and visiting cities, we came to realize that neither our organization story or messages were compelling. The Chief Storyteller partnered with our team to help us develop a unified set of communication materials that would inspire both the community leaders and leaders within our agency. Within just six months, we had everything we needed! And within a year, we were able to secure additional funding to help even more communities.

Lewis B.United States Federal Government

When I was the executive director at IWPA, Ira rocked the house at our annual conference. When I transitioned to NWPCA, Ira was my first and only choice for our sales-themed annual leadership conference. Ira’s keynote on blending storytelling and selling inspired our members. He challenged them to think deliberately (his catch phrase) about how they message and communicate their brand stories. I knew he would deliver another fantastic program, and he did.

Brent McClendonPresident/CEO, National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA)

Your executive storytelling program was the key reason I chose to attend the overall event. In fact, it was somewhat of a life altering experience for me! I thoroughly enjoyed and valued your teaching moments and wisdom. You not only shared excellent insight but you made it interesting and fun! I recognize how critical this skill is to ensure I am a more influential leader primarily for my organization’s and team’s sake.

Juanita W.United States Federal Government

Ira did a fantastic job with this public speaking and story telling workshop the Atlas Corps Fellows. He engaged a diverse and professional audience of nearly 70 leaders from over 50 different countries and after a four-day training on Marketing and Communication skills, Ira was the favorite presenter for the majority of the Fellows. He is fantastic!

Scott BealeFounder & CEO, Atlas Corps

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