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One of the easiest ways to monitor your online reputation is to Google your name and see what comes up. This is particularly important for job seekers, consultants and others who are marketing their personal brands online. You can refine your search by adding your skills, experiences or specialties after your name. By doing this, you're essentially using a long tail keyword and it's a more specific way for recruiters and other searchers to find more specific and relevant content about you. Long tail keywords can help boost your visibility in search results, add credibility to your brand and increase…
Strong relationships are built on trust and two-way communication. This is true of relationships online as well as off. We tell stories about our experiences and share relevant information with the people we are closest to. They, in turn, respond by engaging us in further conversation. Over time, a bond of trust develops and a relationship is formed and nurtured. Brands who want stronger relationships with their prospects and customers are increasingly turning to content marketing strategies that move beyond the traditional view of self-promotion. Why? By publishing useful and entertaining content, brands are building trust. They're doing it by…
When I showed up to my daughter's after school classroom, I was greeted by her class' election day voting. For Governor, Jake won by a landslide. Superman barely earned Sheriff. Senators Pook and Eeyore won handily. For the House, Elsa crushed and Anna sqeaked by Ariel. I thought it quite clever how the teachers used the children's favorite characters to teach and demonstrate our voting. What can you do to make learning/training more interesting?  
When was the last time you updated your resume? Revised your LinkedIn profile? Networked with people you've never met before? Took a class to learn a new skill? Searched for your name online? If you can't remember, maybe your personal brand is in need of a makeover. The unexpected loss of a job, a decision to pursue a career change or an application for a promotion are all situations where a relevant and engaging personal brand can accelerate the achievement of your career goals. Your personal brand is the story that you tell with your resume, LinkedIn profile, business networking…
I read an article in Forbes recently, "Leaders Must Teach Employees 5 Unwritten Rules," by Glenn Llopis, a former C-suite corporate executive, entrepreneur and author. The article included five unwritten rules wise and selfless leaders should be teaching to their employees to ensure their organizations get the most from their talent pool. Aside from the impact on an employee's career and personal well-being, how a leader behaves and the example he or she sets can have a profound impact on the success of the entire organization. I know from my own personal experience one bad leader can completely change the…
Growing up in the 1970's, I had a front row seat to a community-driven communication effort that was launched by people who either wanted to help other drivers outsmart traffic or find service stations with shorter lines and lower gas prices. The citizen-based effort was launched in response to the nationwide fuel shortages and the Federally mandated 55 mph speed limit, both of which resulted from the 1973 OPEC oil embargo. Anyone with a CB radio and a command of "CB slang" could participate. I can still remember hearing words like these on my dad's CB radio as we traveled…
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