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Imprecation – Word of the Day

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imprecation - word of the day, pencils shown horizontally and layered vertically from top to bottom

Imprecation is today’s Word of the Day. While listening to a science fiction book, the author describes one of the main characters, Van, uttering an imprecation, when he discovers that he had been tricked. I had an idea of what it meant based on the context. When I arrived home, of course, I had to look up the definition.

Imprecation Noun A spoken curse word; Something said to someone that is rude, angry, or hostile im-pri-key-shuhn
SOURCE Latin imprecātiōn- (stem of imprecātiō), equivalent to imprecāt(us) — late 16th century.
  1. “He muttered imprecations under his breath.”
  2. “Earleth Wringbone was the epitome of a defiant prisoner. He hurled imprecations at the guards day and night.”
  3. Dimly lit, the dancers enact a ritual, flailing their arms in imprecation, grabbing an outstretched flexed foot, bowing in subjugation but also drawing strength from the ground, from their roots.”  Source: Jeffrey Gantz,, 14 May 2022
  4. “But that he was helpless, befooled, he recognized; and with a final muttered imprecation he turned and slowly descended the stair.” Source:  Dope, Sax Rohmer
  5. “It proved to be the party, for they heard a low growling imprecation from Green as he stumbled over some object.”  Source:  The Ranger Boys and the Border Smugglers, Claude A. Labelle

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Photography Source:  © Copyright 2023, The Chief Storyteller ®, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Pencils from Unsplash, Kelli Tungay
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