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A Circus Joke for Any Audience – Be Funny in Your Speaking

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cartoon of circus with tents, rides, and various child performers, canon, strongman, juggler, lion tamer

A friend sent me a few brain-funny jokes. The one about parents, a child, and the circus joke, really tickled my funny bone. I found a few variations on the Internet, with no attribution. If you know the original source of the circus joke, please let me know. As you read this story-centered joke, think about how you incorporate humor into your public speaking and storytelling.

I share this as humor is a wonderful ice breaker, mood enhancer, trust builder, and so much more (see links below). People love to laugh. If you are not using some kind of humor in your storytelling, public speaking, training, you should. It doesn’t have to be original humor. It can be like this circus joke, or cartoons, and or people’s humor. In Use Humor (Always), you’ll find links to several websites that offer cartoons for sale as well as the blog picture being a cartoon we commissioned for The Chief Storyteller ®.

The point… use (more) humor.

The Child and the Circus Joke

Bill and Barbara Challangra set up an appointment with an adoption agency. The couple meets with two social workers, Mr. Tarsalt and Ms. Deswalle, both of whom are quite impressed. The couple are well-dressed, well-spoken, and well-liked. When Ms. Deswalle asks about their profession, the couple confidently and proudly say in unison, “We run a circus.”

Mr. Tarsalt and Ms. Deswalle immediately glance at each other. In fact, Mr. Tarsalt utters a long, “hmmmm.” Both Tarsalt and Deswalle pause. They have the look. The look that says, “A circus is no place for a child. It’s an environment with dangerous animals, constant moving, and who knows what else.” Ms. Deswalle looks them both in the eyes, and says in a calm voice, “the thought of the circus raises doubts about suitability as parents.”

Bill and Barbara are prepared, well-prepared with their answer. Barbara pulls from her purse photos of their 55-foot motor home. It is clean and well maintained. And she points out the motor home is equipped with a large and spotless room for a child.

Tarsalt and Deswalle smile at each other and are happy to see the pictures. Deswalle asks, “I’m wondering about the kind of education the child would receive while in a circus.” Again prepared, Bill puts their minds at ease saying, “We’ve arranged for a full-time tutor teaching the child all the usual subjects along with Spanish, Mandarin, and computer skills.”

And Barbara adds, “We also have a nanny, who is a certified expert in pediatric care, child welfare, proper nutrition, and exercise — all that a child requires.”

Both Deswalle and Tarsalt visibly relax as the Challangras have finally satisfied their concerns. Tarsalt then asks, “What age child are you hoping to adopt?”

Bill squeezes Barbara’s hands, smiles, and says, “It doesn’t really matter, as long as the child fits in the cannon.”



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