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5 Tips to Inspire Your Team Members

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How well do you inspire others? Do the people on your team consistently exceed your expectations? Or do you wish there was a way you could simply get them to do more?

I’ve learned over the years the best leaders do more than just motivate their teams…they inspire them! The best leaders I’ve worked with inherently know the key to inspiring others to do more is how you make them feel – about you, the task at hand, and the organization they serve.

Here are my top five tips to inspire your team members.

1. Say Hello. Say Good Bye. Every Day

The simple act of saying hello to your team at the start of each day and saying good bye at the end of each day, takes very little time and goes a long way to building and nurturing your team.

2. Manage by walking around

The best leaders are visible. They invest time in getting to know their team members, the challenges they face, and the ways they work.

3. Be a role model

Walk the talk. Conduct yourself as you would want your team members to behave.

4. Embrace Feedback – both good and bad

Embrace open and honest feedback. Leaders who seek to avoid conflict by putting off unpleasant conversations are perceived as condoning ineffective performance. Conversely, leaders who fail to praise great performance are perceived as not appreciating it.

5. Treat everyone fairly

Leaders who show favoritism to one team member may cause others to seek opportunities elsewhere. Additionally, this leader will likely have difficulty recruiting and retaining new talent.

Irwin Federman described the importance of these actions best when he said, “People love others not for who they are but for how they make them feel.”

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Duane Bailey

Duane Bailey is a regular contributor to The Chief Storyteller® online conversation. He has helped organizations of all sizes drive growth in revenues and market share through the development and delivery of key business messages that resonate with target audiences. He holds an MBA in International Business and a BS in Marketing. He brings 28 years of experience in marketing communications and high technology sales.