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Tip – In Storytelling, Balance Emotion and Benefit

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scale, evenly balance emotion and benefit when storytelling

A few weeks ago, Ira Koretsky, The Chief Storyteller®, presented a half-day “Executive Storytelling” workshop training program to nearly 90 social change leaders from more than 50 countries.

They were the Fellows from the Atlas Corps’ Class 18 “Welcome Week.” One of Ira’s big takeaway was, Find the Right Balance. Here is his summary from his blog post.

“Many of the Fellows were tackling sensitive culture, justice, and historical issues. Some of the issues were heart breaking and would bring tears to your eyes hearing some of the stories. I encouraged the Fellows to share these stories while keeping in mind tugging on someone’s heart to inspire them to be part of the solution, you must find the right balance of emotion and benefit.

In general, people do not want to be overwhelmed with too strong of an emotional appeal. They want a reasoned set of arguments with clear benefits wrapped around/in an emotional appeal. Weave your emotional appeal just enough so your audience truly understands what is at stake. Empathy over sympathy. Balance emotion and benefit.”

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