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We Have Been In Business 30 Years – So What! I Say

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“Hello my name is Sue and I am from XYZ Furniture Corporation. We have been in the local community for 30 years. If you have any furniture needs we can solve them. I am sure that you already have office furniture so we can also be your backup in the future. Please call (###) ###-#### if you have any furniture needs.”

At our office, we get cold calls like this all the time (yesterday, I received the one above). 999,999 times out of 1,000,000, we immediately say “No thank you,” and hang up. Why? For two big reasons…

1. Lack of Compelling Story

In most cases, there are multiple organizations that offer similar products and services. What is the compelling reason for the call recipient to listen? To stay on the line and not hang up? Make the call interesting, relevant, and to the point.

2. It’s Not Personal

Most cold callers avoid doing their homework. They call for volume NOT quality. The person calls and asks for a generic VP of Human Resources, Director of Technology, Operations Manager, Person who orders office supplies, and so forth.

To be successful, the successful sales person must do his/her homework.
He/she should ask for a person by a specific name learned from doing the research. The more research and planning the sales person does, the more successful the call will be. This is especially true as the dollar value of the sale increases.


Cold call selling is an everyday practice by many organizations. The process allows the salesperson to contact hundreds of prospects in a week.

If done right, the salesperson can create a lot of opportunities. If done wrong, the salesperson can create a lot of animosity and ill will.

To best cold call scripts are synched to the organization’s Better Tomorrow Message™. Make the cold call relevant, quick to the point, personal, and promise not to waste the person’s time.

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Dave Michaels

Dave Michaels helps organizations accelerate their growth. Over the past 10 years, his specialty has been to help companies communicate what makes them special to find their best possible markets and customers. He has an MBA in entrepreneurship and a Masters certificate in integrated marketing communications. He’s managed a marketing agency, run marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes, and set up formal sales and marketing programs within existing businesses.