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Over 950 Attendees for Ira Koretsky’s Opening Keynote at Department of Energy (DOE) Conference

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Ira Koretsky delivering his keynote to the Department of Energy's 950 attendees for its annual small business conference

What a fantastic experience! Thank you to everyone at the Department of Energy’s Small Office of Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) and the event team.

From a professional speaker’s perspective, the event team was flawless, the folks at the OSDBU were helpful and always available, and the attendees were fun and lively.

I was honored to be delivering the opening keynote for the 15th Annual Department of Energy (DOE) Small Business Forum & Expo in Atlanta May 23 to 25 (read the background blog).


Description: What if the right story inspired your company’s targeted program, site office, or laboratory to add your company to their team? What if the right story persuaded the small business program manager to invite you to hear your ideas and company’s capabilities? What if the right story prompted the small business program manager or contracting officer to recommend your company? What difference could that right story mean to your company? Join Ira for a lively and insightful keynote on how to turn your experiences into powerful stories that engage and inspire stakeholders throughout the DOE Community.

john hale, osdbu director, department of energy, introducing Ira Koretsky before his keynote

Mr. John Hale, Director, OSDBU, introducing me.

audience members from Ira Koretsky's department of energy keynote at the small business conference

View of some of the audience members.

ira koretsky with two participants from the department of energy small business conference, both pictures of executive women

Some new friends and me.

long row of seats before Ira Koretsky's keynote, with a playing card on each chair, for his Treat Everyone Like a CEO exercise

In preparing for “Treat Everyone Like a CEOTMSmart Exercise, Earl Morgan (thanks again!) and I put out 950 playing cards at 5:30am–one on everyone’s chair!

ira koretsky, at the department of energy conference, delivering his keynote address explaining his famous Treat Everyone Like a CEO exercise

Here I am explaining the rules of the business exercise.

attendees at Ira Koretsky's deparment of energy conference keyote participating in his famous Treat Everyone Like a CEO exercise

Here you see three participants having fun with the “Treat Everyone Like a CEOTMSmart Exercise. (click here if you would like to watch a video)

Here’s a clip of the “Treat Everyone Like a CEO” exercise I have on YouTube.

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Ira Koretsky

Ira Koretsky has built The Chief Storyteller® into one of the most recognized names in communication, especially business storytelling. He has delivered over 500 keynote presentations and workshops in nearly a dozen countries, in more than one hundred cities, across 30 plus industries. His specialties are simplifying the complex and communicating when the stakes are high. He is also an adjunct professor in public speaking and storytelling at the University of Maryland's Business School. With over 25 years of experience, he is a sought-after storytelling coach, global speaker, trainer, consultant, communication coach, and public speaking coach.