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Happy World Storytelling Day 2016

By March 20, 2016March 11th, 2020No Comments
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To us at The Chief Storyteller®, every day is, a storytelling day! Too often professionals both do not think of themselves as business storytellers and do not have integrated business stories across their organization. As far as thinking of yourself as a business storyteller, one of our key mission elements is to help you become your own Chief Storyteller®.

As far as thinking about integrated business stories, here are just a few of the many business story elements you should have up-to-date, integrated across the appropriate functions (e.g., finance, hr, sales, marketing, customer service, and operations), in a story library–all ensuring your stories are repeatable and memorable.

  • Elevator Pitch / “Tell me about yourself” answer
  • Conferences – workshop, keynote, panelist, moderator
  • Board meetings
  • Investor meetings
  • Prospecting
  • With customers
  • HR – recruiting, retention, performance reviews
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Blogs
  • Media interviews
  • Executive bios
  • Social media – LinkedIn personal bios, LinkedIn Company Page
  • Videos in YouTube and Vimeo
  • Resume and cover letter
  • Testimonials / References
  • Elevator pitch
  • Website
  • Success Stories/Case Studies/Use Cases
  • Testimonials
  • About Us/Mission Statement
  • LinkedIn
  • Presentations
  • White papers, ebooks, books
  • Blogs
  • Customer service
  • Culture stories
  • Product launch
  • Conference kickoff story
  • New system, new process
  • Customer Personas/Journeys

To learn more about World Storytelling Day and this year’s theme, “Strong Women,” visit here.


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Dave Michaels

Dave Michaels helps organizations accelerate their growth. Over the past 10 years, his specialty has been to help companies communicate what makes them special to find their best possible markets and customers. He has an MBA in entrepreneurship and a Masters certificate in integrated marketing communications. He’s managed a marketing agency, run marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes, and set up formal sales and marketing programs within existing businesses.