Can You Recommend a Good Military to Civilian Resume Writing Service?

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On one of my military-focused LinkedIn Groups, Army Veterans, someone recently posted this question, “Can anyone recommend a good military to civilian resume writing service?

For professionals who have spent a career in the military service, it can seem like a daunting task converting military speak to corporate speak.  It certainly does take time and patience. Here is my response I posted along with some how-to article links at the end I wrote.


  1. Ask to see 10 or more samples of military to civilian resumes. Make the service prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, they can turn your experience into language/messages corporate professionals understand and in the end say, “I want to meet you”
  2. To avoid generic language, think Q&Q.  Q&Q is [Q]ualify and [Q]uantify. Look at position descriptions posted on the Internet (e.g., Dice, Monster, Ladder, etc.). Examine critically the position description (PD). What language/phrases do the PDs have? Can you identify and establish trends? If yes, consider including these words and phrases. Next do searches (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo) for position titles. You will be amazed what appears–full resumes from people around the world. Again, look for language/phrases you “should have” in your resume
  3. Do some introspective thinking to develop your own ICP – Ideal Company Profile. Culture, work habits, zip code, industry, position, opportunity for advancement, etc. This will help you create a much more focused job hunting campaign. An ICP makes it easier for everyone when you are searching for the right fit. Recruiters will ask you all of the questions anyway, friends will know what companies to make referrals into, and your time will be effectively used
  4. Visit the support organizations mentioned above (e.g., phone, internet, in-person for Veterans Affairs,, Armed Forces Support Network, Disabled Veteran Outreach Program (DVOP), and more)

There are a lot of companies with great ideas out there. Get different perspectives until you find the path that matches your style, personality, and goals.


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