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Nudiustertian – Word of the Day

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Nudiustertian is today’s Word of the Day. Have you ever tried to describe “the day before yesterday?” If yes, then nudiustertian is for you!

Nudiustertian Noun The word for the day before yesterday. noo-dee-uhs-TUR-shuhn
SOURCE From Latin nū̆diū̆stertiānus (“taking place the day before yesterday”), from nudius tertius. Coined by Nathaniel Ward (1578–1652) in The Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America (1647). Source:  Wikitionary // Its direct meaning is “today the third day.” It comes from Latin, nudestarianus, which is turn originates from the phrase nudius tertius – the day before yesterday. Breaking this down even further, the word nudius comes from nu meaning “now,” and dius for “day,” and tertius means “third.” Source:  The Etyman™ // Nudiustertian is now an obsolete word.
  1. “I’d ordered the key on-line for £48 that nudiustertian morning and was not expecting it to arrive until the following week.” Source:  Benjamin Nolan, Cyclin’ the City, Aug 22, 2012.

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