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13 of My Favorite & Funny COVID19 Videos

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montage of verticle cuts from each of the funny COVID 19 videos

Good news, bad news, funny videos, not so funny videos, work from home fails (#WFH), and touching stories. They all abound on YouTube. Ever since the pandemic, my hours watching videos online, and I’m sure most people are like me, have skyrocketed. Here are my top favorite and funny COVID19 videos. Where there is a YouTube channel or a series, I linked to both.

I’m sure I missed plenty of other good ones! What are your favorites?

CTV Review of “How I’m Handling Online Teaching” Video

When:  20 April 2020
Channel:  Canada TV Your Morning
Name:  Anne-Marie Mediwake, CTV’s Your Morning Co-anchor
Brief Description:  Mediwake introduces this video to her co-anchor Ben Mulroney and Kelsey McEwen and of course, her listening audience. She says, “A lot of teachers and coaches try to help out their students and athletes. This one teacher in particular, this music teacher, I thought was phenomenal. Not only did she pick up an instrument and decide to help out her students and spread some joy. She wrote a song and as some inspiration, share what she’s been going through and how it makes her feel while she’s in isolation.” Mulroney toward the end of this dialogue, acknowledges Mediwake and says, “Sure.”  Watch the video to see the teacher’s touching song and the reactions of the news crew.

“How I’m Handling Online Teaching”

When:  16 April 2020
Channel:  makeshift.macaroni
Name:  Liz
Brief Description:  Liz the music teacher creates a tongue and cheek video about her stress and how she is coping with COVID19.  See the adjacent video from Your Morning.

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self

When:  9 April 2020
Channel:  Julie Nolke
Name:  Julie Nolke
Brief Description:  Nolke cleverly scripted a conversation with herself asking and answering questions, with just enough of the facts without giving away the whole pandemic crisis. It is like watching an off-Broadway play. The descriptions states, “What would happen if I tried to explain what’s happening now to the January 2020 version of myself?” This video has nearly 18 million views. Then with this success, Nolke produces a second well-crafted narrative of June Julie talking to April Julie (video). A third video follows with October Julie (video). She just released her fourth in the series in December (video).  Nolke is also interviewed on Your Morning where you can see her answer some questions and gain some insights into her thinking and our unfortunate circumstances.

“What We Should ALL Be Doing Right Now!”

When:  20 April 2020
Channel:  The Adley Show
Name:  Adley Stump
Brief Description:  Adley Stump created this in-the-moment, frustrating representation of the news and instructions around how we should be handling COVID19. The narrative script is clever, wry, fast-paced, and spot-on. It has a variety of repetition figures of speech, many of which are anadiplosis, anaphora, antimetabole, and epanalepsis. Stump writes in the video description, “This was inspired by a Facebook post originally created by Sergio C. from Madrid that quickly went viral in many languages all over the Internet!” One of the funnier parts is when she says, “Baking cakes can be considered math, science, or art.” This is another of my favorite funny COVID19 videos.

Coronavirus Rhapsody (based on Bohemian Rhapsody)

When:  28 March 2020
Channel:  InVoca / by Raúl Irabién
Name:  Raúl Irabién
Brief Description:  Raúl Irabién and his lyricist, Dana Jay Bein, produced a parody of sorts. It’s not a direct parody of anyone. It’s a parody of life and the situation the pandemic has put us in. More of a parody of life. Together, Irabién and Bein created one of the more clever and funny COVID19 videos.

“Coronavirus Rhapsody”

When:  30 March 2020
Channel:  Phoenix Chamber Choir
Name:  Phoenix Chamber Choir
Brief Description:  The Phoenix Chamber Choir loved the video from Raúl Irabién so much, they did their own version with some slight lyrical changes. It takes Irabién’s song to a whole new level with seven singers, female and male.  The Chamber Choir also released Longest Time – Quarantine Edition, with at least twenty choir members. Quite a nice production. They have a variety of other songs and parodies you can enjoy on their YouTube channel.

Man Walks Chicken During Lock down

When:  22 March 2020
Brief Description:  This goes into the you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it book. A man is filmed walking his pet, his chicken, during lock down. This is one of the funniest COVID19 videos, ever.

Things You Only Say When Remote Teaching…

When:  19 April 2020
Channel:  Bored Teachers
Name:  Bored Teachers
Brief Description:  I’m the parent of a middle school student. This video speaks volumes.  Now, I’m also a university adjunct professor. In my class, video is on for every class as we are doing public speaking and storytelling. A whole different set of inner dialogue and character dialogue existed for me this past semester.

DinosaurMan dressed as T-REX stopped by police in Murcia, Spain

When:  17 Mar 2020
Channel:  Olive Press
Name:  Olive Press
Brief Description:  In the early days of quarantine and stay-at-home, I heard a story on my local radio station about a man in Spain dressing as a T-Rex. After searching, I found this video. The quick story is that during Spain’s lockdown (and everywhere else), residents nationwide had to stay at home. Residents could only leave for food, money, medicine, gas, or healthcare. One sort of loophole was walking your pets, provided you social distanced. This man in Murcia, Spain dressed in his T-Rex and threw out his garbage, was filmed doing so, and was subsequently stopped by police. I really, really would like to interview this man and know what he was thinking. Another funny COVID19 videos.

Antibacterial Girl – “Material Girl” Madonna Parody

When:  22 June 2020
Channel:  The Holderness Family
Name:  Penn and Kim Holderness
Brief Description:  This is a parody on Madonna’s Material Girl. Clever and well-done. They have over 610,000 followers and this video received more than 595,000 views at time of this posting. From their description, “The Holderness Family creates original music, parodies, and Vlogs for YouTube to poke fun of themselves and celebrate the absurdity in circumstances most families face in their day to day life. They published ‘Christmas Jammies’ in December 2013 and life hasn’t been the same. Since then, their popular parodies, ‘All About That Baste,’ ‘Baby Got Class,’ and original music ‘Snow Day,’ have received national news coverage.

Daughter Interrupts Mom’s Online Guided Meditation Class

When:  26 Mar 2020
Channel:  Agile Mind Meditation
Name:  Amanda Goodfellow
Brief Description:  I saw this one and cackled out loud. Goodfellow, the founder of Agile Mind Meditation in Australia, is teaching guided meditation online from her home, from what looks like to be her kitchen. Mere seconds into her program, her daughter (I’d guess around 10 years old) chooses to be mischievous. She climbs on the counter so that she can be seen in the video. This is not the girl’s first rodeo in my humble opinion. The little girl then puts the ubiquitous rabbit ear finger gesture behind her mom’s head. Then proceeds to dance and be goofy. Meanwhile, serious “Meditation Mom” is trying to maintain her composure. I’d give Mom an A+ grade for handling it well. Would you be this calm?

She writes in the YouTube description, “My online meditation sessions are not going so well.”  Love her self-deprecating, honest sense of humor.

When Your Wife Doesn’t Warn You She is on Skype

When:  3 April 2020
Brief Description:  A woman is on a Skype call talking. Then her husband walks into the room talking to her and we see he is in his underwear. She motions for him to get out of the viewable area, he recognizes his mistake, and rushes away only to walk into the wall. She just looks absolutely mortified and says “pardon” multiple times, which is Spanish for excuse me. I think in this case it is more like, “Please, oh please I am so embarrassed. Forgive me, oh please, forgive me. I don’t think I can show my face in public ever again.” Did I capture it? Not sure who will be more famous? Or even who will be made fun of more? Another one from funny COVID19 videos.

Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 1

When:  29 March 2020
Channel:  Some Good News
Name:  John Krasinski
Brief Description:  John Krasinksi is a Hollywood star. He has been acting since the early 2000’s. He is most famous for The Office, A Quiet Place I and II, and currently stars in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on television. He used his star power and personality to create a series feel-good mini tv shows. In each episode, he highlights healthcare workers, front line employees, parents/grand parents, emergency workers, and good corporate citizens going above and beyond to help out fellow human beings. He draws in major celebrities like Oprah, Brad Pitt, Dwayne Johnson, Steve Carell, Billiee Eilish, Jonas Brothers, Steven Spielberg, and so many more. He’s a bit sarcastic and dry with his humor as he pulls each episode together. All are touching and worth a watch. This is episode 1.

One Zoom to Rule Them All | Reunited Apart LORD OF THE RINGS Edition

When:  27 April 2020
Channel:   Josh Gad, Reunited Apart
Name:  Josh Gad
Brief Description:  Josh Gad, using his Hollywood star power, brings together cast, producers, and directors from some of the most iconic and nostalgic movies — all over Zoom. Hence the series name, and play on words, Reunited Apart. He cleverly weaves together audio clips, visual clips, questions, humor, and script reading with willing participants. With each episode, he spotlights a different charity. Here are the episodes:  1, Goonies. 2, Back to the Future. 3, Splash. 4, Lord of the Rings. 5, Ghostbusters. 6, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. 7, Wayne’s World. 8, The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai.  My favorites are Lord of the Rings and Ferris Bueller.

Photography Sources: Screen capture/grab of a frame from each video
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