Tip – The Power of Asking – How a 6’5″ Man Secured an Exit Row Seat

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A very good friend, William, is seriously contemplating a summer trip to Europe. There are so many good reasons to go. Unfortunately, there is one really bad reason not to go that to him, always outweighed the good.

William is six foot five inches tall. Unless he sits in an exit row, flying is VERY unpleasant for him. He’d rather stay home.

Over the course of two days, we talked about how great the trip would be…and William always returned to the concern about the small seats. I suggested he call the airline directly and explain the situation to the booking agent. He balked! He balked every time I suggested this. His response was something like, “exit rows are impossible to get.”

“Ask” is all that I suggested.

Finally, after about two weeks, I wore him down! He agreed to call. About two days later, William called me ever so excited. He is off to Europe! After just a few minutes of talking with the airline agent, he was able to secure an exit seat.

My father taught me early in my life about the power of asking. Without asking, nothing happens. It’s one lesson that has stayed with me since childhood. In fact, I wrote about my father’s advice in my article, “Life Lessons – Everything I Learned about Sales I Learned from My Parents.”

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