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Aginner – Word of the Day

By March 12, 2018March 20th, 2018No Comments
word of the day - aginner

Aginner is today’s, Word of the Day. Find below a table with more information about the word Aginner, including: word type, definition, pronunciation, origin, and examples.

Aginner Informal/Slang, Noun A person who opposes a plan, proposed legislation, or any drastic change. uh-gin-er
SOURCE Agin is one of the many developments of the Middle English preposition, “against.” The earliest recorded use of aginner or aginer appeared in the early 1900’s.
EXAMPLES 1) 1944 Morgantown [WV] Post 9 Feb 6/2 (ADD), We hope the Party doesn’t become a grab bag for all the aginners in the country—at least, not to the extent of letting the aginners formulate the party policies.
2) He won the election by appealing to the aginners.

3) The aginners were adamant. There was no way the plan was going to get approved without the requested changes.

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Photography Source: Unsplash, Kelli Tungay

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