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Don’t Listen to Your Mother. Talk to Strangers at Networking

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Imagine you arrive at a lunchtime networking event. It takes place in a hotel conference room, comfortably sitting 150 people.

As you enter through the main doors, you briefly stop to survey the room. “Where do I sit?” you ask yourself.

If you are like many people, you follow human nature and seek out comfort and safety. This means you seek out people you know—friends, colleagues, people you met before.

No longer…

To be successful at networking, Stretch your comfort and safety zones.

Don’t listen to the advice from your mother when you were a child, only sit with strangers.

Remind yourself about why you attended the event. To meet new people. So, sit between two strangers and meet two new people.


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Dave Michaels

Dave Michaels helps organizations accelerate their growth. Over the past 10 years, his specialty has been to help companies communicate what makes them special to find their best possible markets and customers. He has an MBA in entrepreneurship and a Masters certificate in integrated marketing communications. He’s managed a marketing agency, run marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes, and set up formal sales and marketing programs within existing businesses.