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Glossophobia – Word of the Day

By May 10, 2016March 20th, 2018No Comments
word of the day - glossophobia

Glossophobia is today’s, Word of the Day.  Find below a table with more information about the word Glossophobia, including:  word type, definition, pronunciation, origin, and examples. For a more complete list of phobias, read “Phobias – A Big List” and “Communication-Related Phobias.”

Glossophobia Noun Fear of public speaking. gloss-oh-foh-bee-uh
 SOURCE Comes from the Greek word, γλῶσσα glōssa, meaning tongue, and φόβος phobos, fear or dread
EXAMPLES 1) People with glossophobia should practice relaxation techniques before public speaking.

2) Glossophobia is often cited as the top phobia or fear of Americans followed by necrophobia, the fear of death.

Photography Source: Unsplash, Kelli Tungay

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