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How Sharing Your Company’s Culture Can Enrich Your Business – Guest Author

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As part of my everyday marketing obligation, I do a fair share of social media posting on various outlets for our company. Not only do I help generate Facebook, Twitter, and forum content for new products and promotions, I have also started to branch out into blog writing to help build a stronger corporate culture. Blog posts are beneficial for data distribution because it helps fill a niche that other social media outlets cannot satisfy. Especially when it pertains to sharing information-heavy material, blog posting is one of the best options out there.

John’s first blog post, “From Front Line to Bottom Line – A Soldier’s View of the Business Battlefield,” had some great customer service messages. Enjoy his newest article on thinking like a marketing leader…

Recently, I wrote an article for our company’s blog called “Our Company Mindset, Airsplat’s Team and Crew.” I shared with our readers a few intimate tidbits about our company’s culture they may not acknowledge, nor do they encounter daily. The blog post generated a great amount of positive support from our customers and followers through our Facebook page. The positive outcome inspired us to share with everyone our experience with writing a company culture article. Here are a few reasons and tips on why you should share your company’s culture.

Our Culture Shows the World We are Not Robots

Customers often visualize companies to be a computerized structure. Though technology has blessed us with systems that can operate with minimal supervision, there are certain things that are not so cut and dry, and require a bit of human interaction. How many times have you called a large corporation seeking assistance, only to find yourself going in circles, arguing with an automated message system? This scenario can be frustrating and it can be counterproductive.

Sharing with your customers your culture, especially how your company operates (and who operates it), helps to create an amiable persona for your business. It doesn’t necessarily mean shining the spotlight on individual employees. Instead, it means for others to acknowledge there are people working hard to keep the business going (instead of a company being run by robots).

Behind the Scenes Operations

Consumers either have confidence in your company, or they don’t. Uncertainty almost counts as a “no.” Providing quality products at a fair price is only half the battle. Returning customers typically instill trust in a company beyond reliable product stock. Even though there are hundreds of other companies selling the same product, they return because they have confidence the company cares about their customers, which leads to building customer loyalty and strong customer lifetime value (CLTV). This cuts right to your organization’s culture.

In our company culture article, we shared with our readers how we operate interdepartmentally. Our company mainly deals with online retail, and a collaborative effort is required to thrive in this business. When we receive an order, every department is working together to make sure it is processed and shipped out correctly. When customers acknowledge the work and dedication that is put into every order, their trust in the company is reinforced.

Working Hard to Play Hard

When a company rewards and invests in their employees, customers will recognize the deed. Discontent employees often do not execute their jobs well, which unfortunately, can lead to dissatisfied customers. Showing your customers that you care about the well being of your employees can further reinforce trust. A few ideas you can add to your company culture article would be share your company’s reward system for good performance.

For example, our employees are rewarded for reaching goals and providing assistance to others. It is great to add this tidbit to your article because customers will see and appreciate the investment that the company is willing to expend on their employees.

Another example would to be share past companywide events. Reveal to your readers the cohesiveness that your company has beyond the typical eight-hour workday. As a whole, our company has celebrated achievements, holidays, and participated in extracurricular activities together as a team. Take a moment to share the fun times with your readers, and don’t forget to add corresponding pictures and videos as well.

Thank you to John for sharing this blog post. John is an Operation Freedom War veteran and a manager for Airsplat.

Photography Source: US Army, Staff Sgt. Shawn Morris

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