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Pettifogging – Word of the Day

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pettifogging - word of the day, pencils shown horizontally and layered vertically from top to bottom

Pettifogging is today’s Word of the Day. It’s a perfect old-fashioned synonym for quibble or squabble.

Pettifogging Noun, Verb Placing undue emphasis on petty details. To argue over unimportant matters. PED-ee-fawg-ging
SOURCE The earliest evidence for using the word pettifog is from the mid 1500’s. In its earliest English uses, “pettifogger” was two separate words: “pettie fogger.” “Pettie” was a variant spelling of “petty.”
  1. The Economist described his viewpoint succinctly: “He paints stewards of fair play — regulators and boards — as pettifogging enemies of progress,” wrote its pseudonymous business columnist “Schumpeter.” Source: Los Angeles Times, May 18, 2022
  2. “By conforming to the Laws of this Universe; instead of trying by pettifogging to evade and profitably contradict them.” Source: History of Friedrich II of Prussia, Volume III, Thomas Carlyle
  3. “The pettifogging objections to some social plan had very little chance of survival owing to the dynamic power of the reformers.” Source: A Preface to Politics, Walter Lippmann

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