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While this Tripp and Tyler Video is Hilarious, Was it Effective?

By March 5, 2014June 22nd, 2022No Comments
screen grab from tripp and tyler hilarious conference call to demonstrate how effective a good conference call could be by spoofing a bad one

If you unfamiliar with Tripp and Tyler, they “are a sketch comedy duo most known for their hilarious and viral YouTube video” commercials (website link). Leadercast, a business leadership event and information company, “commissioned the comedy duo of Tripp & Tyler to create this hilarious take on a conference call in real life” (blog link).

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I agree 1,000 percent with the video (YouTube, A Conference Call in Real Life) is hilarious. It captures the very real essence of bad telephone conference calls. Where the video becomes disconnected, and consequently a disconnected message, is at the ~3:30 minute mark. Once the conference call is over, the commercial transitions to Tripp talking about the Leadercast annual leadership event. This is where the commercial becomes problematic and much less effective.

To be more effective, the commercial should transition and make it abundantly clear the connection between the good-natured fun of mocking the conference call and the annual event, which Tripp has hosted for the past five years.

One sentence. Just one sentence would have made it clear. I was confused. As such, I clicked on the Leadercast website link, and explored. Did I do what the Leadercast marketing team wanted me to do? Nope. It has to be more than just clicking a link. It has to be more than just going viral (5,246,688 views in ~3 weeks). It has to be about generating action, generating action by your target audiences with the information provided–a call, a request, an email, a signup, something.

Do you think the video was effective?

Photography Source: Screen capture from the video itself
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