As a sales professional who sells complex, high-stakes products and services, you know all to-well the criticality of building rapport and trust quickly, handling objections with aplomb, demonstrating value through differentiation, and so forth. And you know how powerful stories can be to help you accelerate your sales success. That’s why I created the Storytelling for Sales Coach service or as I like to call it, SalesSTORYSales to the Power of Story Coaching.

I am Ira Koretsky (bio), CEO of The Chief Storyteller®. As your storytelling for sales coach, I will help you better persuade, entertain, educate, and inspire at the right times to the right audiences, to help you close more deals, faster, using the power of storytelling.


I have been in the world of storytelling since I was in high school debate. Three years after starting forensics (that’s what it was called back then), I was a New York State debate champion finalist. There were just 26 of us from the entire state. A life-long foundational lesson came from our debate coach and our storytelling coach, Mr. Height. He stressed… and made us appreciate… the power of effective stories and appreciate the power of effective delivery. They went hand-in-hand.

Lessons from Mr. Height, along with countless others over my career, along with plenty of bumps and bruises earned on my own, have made me a much better sales storyteller and a much better sales communicator. And for you, a better storytelling for sales coach.

By empowering you with the storytelling skills and strategies I have perfected over the last 25 years, I will help you be more successful, personally and professionally. My specialties are helping sales teams and sales professionals like you simplify the complex and communicate effectively when the stakes are high. I regularly work with executives, leaders, and rising stars (click here for training options) in fast-growing firms to Fortune 100 companies.

For every situation, I will advise and equip you with the storytelling for sales skills and tools to be successful, in your own authentic way. As your storytelling for sales coach, I provide BOTH advice (strategy) and hands-on (tactics) help in several skill- and confidence-building categories (see table below).


Some 30 years later following high school debate, I have been coaching, mentoring, training, teaching, and consulting on storytelling for sales in 14 countries (testimonials, customers, success stories). From my days speaking publicly on behalf of the US Army as a healthcare Public Affairs Officer and Chief Information Officer, to consulting on billion-dollar technology programs to the Federal government, to being in leadership roles in marketing and product management, to teaching eager sophomores at the University of Maryland Business School, to performing improvisational comedy for 10 years with ComedySportz, to present day, I have been a business storyteller at heart and storytelling for sales coach in practice.

I’m a different kind of coach. More like a 1-on-1 consultant. I blend the best of my experience and expertise from being a consultant, professional speaker, trainer, and adjunct professor.

As mentioned a few lines above, I am an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, where I earned my MBA. My course, Enterprise Communications, teaches public speaking, communication, data storytelling, and business storytelling to about 70 honors students. The student final is a five-minute, TED-Style Talk. Students pick their own topic, develop engaging presentation visuals, craft a compelling narrative told through the eyes of a personal story, and teach us something new, as all good TED and TEDx speakers do.


Since starting The Chief Storyteller ® in 2002, I continually develop and refine our frameworks, tools, worksheets, processes, and exercises to best meet your needs. And I continually refine our storytelling for sales coach engagement.

Sometimes we will collaborate, sometimes we will brainstorm and strategize, sometimes we will revise, sometimes you’ll do some exercises, sometimes you’ll practice, and sometimes you’ll share your activities and the results. I use a combination of in-person meetings, Zoom video, telephone calls, and email during your coaching.

Whatever we do, my approach to your coaching, is to ensure you achieve your personal and professional goals, in your own authentic way.


I designed the Storytelling for Sales Coach Learning Modules for to help you become the sales storyteller you want to be. AND become the sales storyteller audiences want to hear.

Storytelling for Sales Coach Learning Modules

There are over 30 Storytelling for Sales Coach learning modules. The learning modules cover sales storytelling, A to Z. Here are some example Storytelling for Sales Coach Modules:

  • Great Stories Framework
  • Most Memorable Moment (MMM)
  • Character dialogue
  • Inner dialogue
  • Data storytelling
  • Customer success stories
  • Sales presentations
  • Elevator pitch / Value prop
  • Vocal variety
  • Speaking enhancements (our secret sauce)
  • Pausing for impact
  • Role playing with tough love Q&A
  • Benefit statements / Better Tomorrow Message
  • Be a Story Thinker
  • Messaging on-the-fly
  • Word selection / Figures of Speech

What Happens in a Typical Coaching Session?

I provide BOTH coaching advice and hands-on support (think of this as consulting). When providing advice, I offer suggestions for you to think about and for you to implement in your presentations, stories, emails — everything to support your sales activities. When providing hands-on help, I make specific suggestions, revise, and develop content, narrative, slides, stories, emails, etc. We also practice and role play to build and maintain (new) skills and abilities.

As you build your skills, I provide you with various resources (e.g., tools, tip guides, worksheets, and Smart Exercises) for you to work on during and in between your sessions. Generally, the Success Plan drives the topic and the exercises. If you have a new priority, say a presentation is asked of you, I will shift to your new priority.

As mentioned above, there are over 30 modules I draw from in a variety of categories.

Meetings are via Zoom with support and assistance by telephone and email.


Collaborating for Success

Collaborating for Success

More Confidence. More Viewers.

More Confidence. More Viewers.

“You Saved the Day!”

“You Saved the Day!”

Storytelling Increased Revenue 80%

Storytelling Increased Revenue 80%

Best Presentation in My “American Life”

Best Presentation in My “American Life”

“The presentation went very, very … very well”

“The presentation went very, very … very well”

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