Adham came to us to help him develop and deliver a killer keynote presentation. After working with us, the engagement expanded to all-hands meetings, investor meetings, partner events, corporate culture, and internal communications. All to build trust, strengthen relationships, improve employee engagement, scale capacity, and increase revenue.

The Chief Storyteller®’s Solution

  • Continue to provide customized coaching and consulting to Adham and his leadership team
  • Help improve leadership storytelling, data storytelling, and sales storytelling
  • Develop and design presentations
  • Coach on public speaking – delivery with body language and vocal variety using our special sauce, speaking enhancements and figures of speech
  • Support internal communications initiatives, matching culture and vision
  • Develop powerful narratives and messages for All-Hands Meetings and Investor Meetings


  • Adham consistently receives favorable feedback, especially because of his personalized stories
  • Presentations and stories resonate each and every time with his teams, new hires, prospects, and investors
  • Helped shape the company’s culture with the Better Tomorrow Message™ of “Always be Improving” supported by “Think 1%”
  • Adham’s company won 2022 “Best Places to Work” award from the Sacramento Business Journal
  • Adham said this about Ira Koretsky, “You are more than a coach. You have become a trusted advisor, helping double our business in 3 years.”