“During their business storytelling workshop, I had an ‘aha’ Moment. Storytelling was what we needed. We weren’t deliberate at using stories. I just knew storytelling would help us accelerate our growth even more.”


  • Ira Koretsky coached Mark on developing persuasive, audience-centered messages supported by powerful stories
  • Together, they created a story library for sales prospecting and improving team effectiveness
  • The story library was developed using a customized template designed just for Mark’s company
  • Employed a variety of tools to help Mark accelerate his sales success. Tools include The Great Stories Framework™ for Sales, The Great Stories Framework™ for Success Stories, Story Library, and The Great Elevator Pitch Framework
  • They have a variety of stories for use cases, handling objections, discussing customer experience, and more for the sales playbook


  • Within a month of deliberately using stories in his sales and leadership meetings as well as presentations and proposals, Whirlwind eCommerce could see and feel the difference
  • First meeting to contract signature times were decreasing
  • Objections are far fewer
  • After three months, revenue increased by 20%
  • After two years, revenue increased by more than 80%
  • “I’m conditioned. It’s a habit. I’m telling stories every time. It’s much much easier to connect to clients. And much much easier to close deals” – CEO, Mark Wexler, Whirlwind eCommerce

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