Create an engaging and compelling M&A presentation for prospective acquirers. XYZ Company* is a family-owned, 41-year-old, B2C retail company. XYZ has ~200 employees, ~$70 in annual sales, and ~50% in gross margins.

* CEO Name changed // Company name confidential

The Chief Storyteller®’s Solution

  • Interviewed Paula and her leadership team to better understand the motivations behind their M&A goal, corporate strengths and weaknesses, and workplace stories. All to illustrate the future potential of XYZ Company
  • Simplified and synchronized a highly complex set of technical messages and financial data
  • Developed a powerful set of M&A materials including a new Better Tomorrow MessageTM/value proposition, elevator pitch,  presentation, and materials
  • Coached Paula on her public speaking delivery for body language, vocal variety, and languaging (e.g., figures of speech)


  • Paula successfully sold XYZ Company to the ~$2.5 Billion market leader and number one competitor


  • Strategic Messaging
  • Value Proposition / Better Tomorrow Message™
  • M&A Presentation Design (content, visuals, opening, closing, founder’s story)
  • Elevator Pitch
  • M&A Executive Communication Coach (includes public speaking, storytelling for sales, executive communication)