Inspire leadership in five divisions throughout Lockheed Martin to contribute staff and resources to support new, innovative ideas and the formation of cross-division product development teams. Support a team of senior engineers, product managers, financiers, scientists, and thought leaders with their communication, public speaking, storytelling, and presentation activities throughout Lockheed.

The Chief Storyteller®’s Solution

  • Provide long-term strategic messaging, content development, presentation development, and a variety of communication services to senior leaders at Lockheed Martin’s headquarters
  • Serve as a strategic communication advisor and as a sounding board
  • Provide long-term coaching services including executive coach, public speaking coach, and storytelling coach
  • Employed a variety of tools to help the team members communicate the value of inter-division partnerships globally. Tools include The Great Stories Framework™ for Leaders, The Great Stories Framework™ for Data, The Great Stories Framework™ for Success Stories, Story Library, presentation storyboards, video storyboards, The Great Presentation Framework™, and The Great Elevator Pitch Framework


  • “We counted on The Chief Storyteller® team for strategic insights and communications that proved over and over again, to be highly effective in engaging and inspiring our internal customers” – Jeb, VP, Technology & Engineering
  • The Lockheed Martin team built cross-division teams, secured internal resources including funding and personnel, engaged with Lockheed Fellows for R&D, and jointly developed new products across two or more business units