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We offer more than 15 workshops in 5 learning categories (see below) for international audiences help with and accelerate your success. Every workshop is designed to improve your sales, marketing, and employee effectiveness. Every workshop is bespoke to your learning objectives. Every workshop is actionable with specific takeaways and Smart Exercises TM matched to your learning objectives. And every workshop offers a safe and fun learning experience sensitive to your country’s international culture and employee comfort levels.


Ira Koretsky

CEO | Founder | Army Veteran

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Ira Koretsky, The Chief Storyteller ®, combines his business knowledge, public speaking experience, facilitation expertise, training skills, improvisational comedy background, and business storytelling skills to ensure your workshop training program is engaging, educational, inspiring, and actionable.

Ira has personally traveled to nearly a dozen international countries for business. Also, he has international customers from 14 countries. Ira has worked with hundreds of growing firms to Fortune 50 companies around the world (customers, success stories, video clips, and testimonials). To learn more about his style and approach, visit the Meeting Planner page as well as the Video Clips page.

Ira’s specialty is helping people with their written, spoken, and social media communication that work in complex, technical positions and where the stakes are high. While Ira is a communication professional today, for part of his career, he was both an executive and hands-on professional in high technology. For example, he was a CIO in Healthcare IT, marketing director in managed web hosting, and supported enterprise level IT systems for several years.


Press [+] to expand the drop down window and see the workshop list and [-] to close. Ira is happy to combine workshop topics as well as develop bespoke programs to meet your goals.



  • “What Do YOU Do?”  How to create a compelling value proposition
  • Doing Business in the U.S.:  How to create compelling sales and marketing materials for U.S. audiences
  • Communicating the “USA Way:”  How to Communicate Effectively in Writing, in Speaking, and in Social Media
  • Master the Art and Science of Storytelling in your Demo


  • The Big 3:  How to Grow Your Revenue with a Compelling Value Proposition, Capabilities Statement, and Capabilities Presentation (Federal Government Contractors)


  • Executive Presence for International Executives:  How to Dramatically Improve Your Comfort, Confidence, and Effectiveness at the Executive Level
  • Tech Speak to People Speak:  How to Excite Non-Technical Audiences with Your Ideas
  • Storytelling for Sales
  • Storytelling for Leaders



  • LinkedIn for Business:  How to Build Your Compelling Company Brand on LinkedIn

Ira did a phenomenal job for us as speaker and moderator at our Innovation Conference in Berlin. Ira truly understands the value of business storytelling in communicating value to the marketplace and evangelizing new ideas internally. IT Executives from around the world were very impressed with his content and takeaways.

Andres JordanVP, North America, Deutsche Telekom, Berlin, Germany

I first met Ira during his Business Value Proposition Workshop. After watching for just a few minutes, I knew he would be an excellent facilitator for our global programs. As expected, the feedback received from his first trip, from audience members from three separate countries, was excellent. He provided invaluable assistance on their presentation design and delivery. Subsequently, we partnered with Ira on several additional trips. What set Ira apart, was his advance preparation. He spent considerable time researching the culture and participant companies. And his research really made a difference. His bespoke programs were hands-on with actionable takeaways, that the participants really appreciated. He was always a favorite facilitator of the participants.

Natalia PipiaDirector, CRDF Global

That was a great joy being on Mr. Koretsky’s lecture “Three Steps to Tell Your Business Story” in Tbilisi, Georgia. The whole story told by him was so friendly, easy-going and well understandable. It brought me great pleasure. I suppose that the confidence and the knowledge came to him during his tremendous experience (speaking from the age of 15—wow!!) and I am very thankful to him and the whole CRDF organization for this very enjoyable conference.

Levan Shanidze, M.D.Neurosurgeon, Tbilisi City Hospital after Acad. O. Gudushauri, Tbilisi, Georgia

This year’s conference was an exceptional business networking encounter for me! New and familiar faces came together creating synergy, teaming opportunities and shared business experiences; which touched by the real-life personal stories, have prompted growth and development in many areas. As a result of the “Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone” exercises with Ira Koretsky, we shared laughter and pushed beyond our limits.

Alma J. PesqueiraP & P Language Services, Wales, United Kingdom

As a non-native English speaker, I had been nervous about public presentations. Thank you for all your help. I was prepared, in control, natural, and funny. I had my best presentation in my “American” Life! I was able to setup first meetings for 99% of the attendees. LOVE you for turning me into a PRO!

Eszter KochSenior Financial Advisor

Ira did a fantastic job with this public speaking and story telling workshop the Atlas Corps Fellows. He engaged a diverse and professional audience of nearly 70 leaders from over 50 different countries and after a four-day training on Marketing and Communication skills, Ira was the favorite presenter for the majority of the Fellows. He is fantastic!

Scott BealeFounder & CEO, Atlas Corps

When it came time to attend the Financial Executives International Annual Conference in Phoenix, I was on the fence. I looked through the program to make a final decision. Your two seminars caught my eye and became the tipping point for my attending and flying from Canada. As I participated in your sessions, your messages resonated with me and became the highlights of the conference. Thanks for communicating some great tools to use in my current role.

David TurnerChief Operating Officer, Skystone International, Alberta, Canada

The investor presentation went very well. We were chosen for the Demo Day. The whole week was worth every second we attended. The training was interesting, inspiring, and important for our growth. We are launching this month. გმადლობთ! (Thank you!)

Nino DarakhvelidzeTbilisi, Georgia

We were literally “thrown together.” Four experts with different experiences were brought together for two weeks to help be catalysts for entrepreneurial growth in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. Participants included scientists, physicists, doctors, and engineers. Ira’s role was to teach the participants how to craft compelling elevator speeches and develop presentations to be given to prospective investors. He quickly traversed the language and culture barriers, making everyone feel good about their ideas and potential. And his hands-on approach and easy-to-follow process made a big impact when it came to hearing their newly revised presentations.

Marco RubinChairman Advisory Board, Exoventure Associates

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