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We accelerate results to your top and bottom lines with more than 30 workshops for business. There are 6 talent development learning categories (see below). All of our workshops for business improve individual and organizational corporate performance. All of our workshops for business are customized to your learning objectives and culture. All of our workshops for business are actionable with specific takeaways and Smart Exercises matched to your learning objectives. And all of our workshops for business offer a safe and fun learning experience.


Ira Koretsky

CEO | Founder | Army Veteran

Sylvia Baffour

Trainer | Workshop Facilitator

Ira Koretsky and Sylvia Baffour, your workshops for business facilitators, have worked with hundreds of corporate organizations, from growing firms to Fortune 50 companies around the world (customers, success stories, video clips, and testimonials). To learn more about Ira and Sylvia’s styles and approach to training, visit the Meeting Planner page as well as the Video Clips page.


  • Before/After.  Ira Koretsky and Sylvia Baffour work with selected participants, one-on-one, in advance of your program. First, they apply the tools and techniques to a specific situation(s) you select. Second, they develop a new After (e.g., presentation, story, and gateway question). And third, during your training program, they compare and contrast the Before and After, step-by-step.
  • Hands-on Coaching.  Ira and Sylvia work one-on-one or in teams, providing specific coaching and hands-on support after your corporate training program to reinforce the learning and help to accelerate the team’s leadership and communication effectiveness.


1 Business Storytelling

  • You to the Power of Story: Awaken the Storytelling Giant in You
  • Leaders to the Power of Story (Storytelling for Leaders)
  • Sales to the Power of Story (Storytelling for Sales) Please See 3. Sales (below)
  • Data to the Power of StoryPaint by Numbers to Craft Compelling Data Stories Masterclass
  • Scientists & Engineers to the Power of Story (Storytelling for Scientists & Engineers)
  • Project Managers to the Power of Story  (Storytelling for Project Managers)
  • Professional Services to the Power of Story (Storytelling for Professional Service Firms)

2 Leadership Communication / Executive Development

  • Leaders to the Power of Story(Storytelling for Leaders)
  • The Language of Leadership:  Inspire and Influence with Your Words, Body, and Voice
  • Voice of Leadership:  How Effective Leaders Succeed without Managing
  • Resilience and Flexibility:  Peak Performance in the Face of Change

3 Sales

  • Sales to the Power of Story™:  5 Powerful Strategies to Sell More with Your Personal Stories
  • Sales to the Power of Story™:  Advanced Storytelling for Sales
  • How to Develop Powerful, Inspiring Success Stories/Past Performance
  • Design & Deliver Compelling Sales Presentations
  • Demonstrations to the Power of Story™:  Master the Art and Science of Storytelling in your Demo
  • The Big 3™:  How to Grow Your Revenue with a Compelling Value Proposition, Capabilities Statement, and Capabilities Presentation (Federal Government Contractors)

4 Presentation & Public Speaking


  • Data to the Power of Story™:  Paint by Numbers to Craft Compelling Data Stories Masterclass
  • Presentations to the Power of Story™:  How to Develop & Deliver Persuasive Presentations
  • Design and Deliver the Perfect Pitch VC’s and Investors Want to Hear
  • Webinars to the Power of Story™  (Storytelling for Webinars)


  • Speak Like TED:  5 Strategies to become as Inspiring and Memorable as the World’s Top Speakers
  • Speak Like TED for Scientists and Techies
  • Becoming a Confident and Compelling Public Speaker (focus is on delivery/public speaking)
  • Public Speaking to the Power of Story   (Storytelling for Public Speakers)

5 Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Organization, & Thought Leadership

  • “What Do You Do?” How to Develop a “Wow! Tell Me More” 30-Second Story  (Elevator Speech)
  • Brand to the Power of Story: Build a Stronger Company through Better Storytelling
  • Thought Leadership to the Power of Story  (Storytelling for Thought Leaders)
  • Social Media to the Power of Story:  Unleash the Power of Social Media Storytelling
  • LinkedIn to the Power of Story   (Storytelling for LinkedIn)
  • Internal Communications to the Power of Story    (Storytelling for Internal Communications)

6 Team Building

  • No More “But”Heads:  Build Stronger Workplace Relationships with Positive Words and Body Language
  • “Yes And:”  How to Use Improvisational Humor Techniques to Improve Your Influence and Effectiveness
  • Peak Performing Teams that Consistently Win
  • The Most Important Story in Your Life, is the One You Tell Yourself
  • Treat Everyone Like a CEO

was so appreciative of the effort you made to do your homework. Our business isn’t easy for an outsider to understand. Your pre-interviews and homework really made a difference. The presentation was relevant and interesting. Most importantly, I came away with specific suggestions that I could incorporate immediately – without having to buy into a brand new way of going about my day.

Nicole HalloranBusiness Development Manager, Appleton Coated

I want to pay you the highest compliment. I didn’t look at my watch even once until I realized that your presentation was over!

Hop DaviesDirector, Navigant Consulting

As someone in the webinar industry, I see hundreds of them every year. Ira’s was the best I have ever seen. His slides were visually engaging, stories insightful and on point, and messages practical and compelling. Something I have never experienced before in a webinar was Ira’s use of interactive exercises–yes exercises. They were all relevant and helped bring to life his concepts–something challenging to do in web presentations.

Patrick WileySenior Sales Director, ReadyTalk

He is an A+ presenter who hits the ball out of the park. Ira presented one of the best programs we ever had at our professional association meetings. I was so pleased with the success this event that I retained Ira to present at our annual company sales meeting. The training he provided was a huge success. He brings tremendous value to any organization seeking a fun and informative speaker, executives looking to get more out of their networking activities, and sales professionals trying to grow their account base. I cannot recommend Ira strongly enough.

Jeffrey FasoldtChief Financial Officer, Toshiba Business Solutions

Ira did a phenomenal job for us as speaker and moderator at our Innovation Conference in Berlin in 2007. Ira truly understand the value of story telling in communicating value to the marketplace and evangelizing new ideas internally.

Andres JordanVP, North America, Deutsche Telekom, Berlin, Germany

When it came time to attend the Financial Executives International Annual Conference in Phoenix, I was on the fence. I looked through the program to make a final decision. Your two seminars caught my eye and became the tipping point for my attending and flying from Canada. As I participated in your sessions, your messages resonated with me and became the highlights of the conference. Thanks for communicating some great tools to use in my current role.

David TurnerChief Operating Officer, Skystone International, Alberta, Canada

Ira Koretsky is an AMAZING speaker and a true master communicator. Although I have always felt that I had strong communication skills, I literally sat on the edge of my seat during his recent presentation – listening to every word and taking detailed notes. It was an invaluable use of my time, and has changed the way that I speak about my myself and my business to prospective customers. You get one chance to make a first impression…getting it right the first time is well worth the investment for any company.

Rachel NeedleOwner, Endless Coffee

I enjoyed your presentation more than any other at our annual conference…and by their response, so did the 400 plus people in attendance.

Larry ArmstrongPresident, 50 Plus Communities of Colorado

I particularly enjoyed your session. “Yes-and” was fun and informative. I also enjoyed your questioning of the fellow who sells data modeling services—in a few questions you got to the essence of his business and its value to his customers. That was amazing! And, I saw how the light bulb switched on for him as well.

Kevin RaumPrincipal, Coridium

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