Vinzenz and Ira met at an international market entry services (MES) event in the Northeast corridor of the United States. During their meeting, he shared that he was the CEO of a new investment company created by EMS S/A, the largest pharmaceutical company in Brazil. Vinzenz stated, “we are investing in innovative therapies for diseases with high unmet medical needs and insufficient treatment options.”

And specifically, he wanted The Chief Storyteller® to help them with market entry services. “We have $200 million to invest in companies to commercialize safe and effective innovative products. We need you to help us communicate our market strength and persuade companies to become part of our portfolio.”

The Chief Storyteller®’s Solution

  • Condensed complex, technical messages into one, powerful metaphor-centered Better Tomorrow Message™, “Bringing innovative medicines to patients”
  • Synchronized its new BTM™ across its sales playbook and marketing materials
  • Created a more compelling, more engaging, and more inspiring set of sales and marketing tools including:
    • Sales presentation
    • Elevator pitch
    • LinkedIn® profiles for the executive team
    • LinkedIn® company page
    • Website
    • Sales brochure
  • Employed a variety of tools to help Vincenz accelerate success. Tools include The Great Stories Framework™ for Success Stories, The Great Presentation Framework™, The Great Elevator Pitch Framework™, and System of Credibility


  • Successfully expanded portfolio by more than a dozen companies
  • “Bringing Innovative Medicines to Patients,” its new value proposition/Better Tomorrow MessageTM is synchronized across its website, HR, presentations, proposals, brochures, sales playbook, and marketing materials
  • More than a dozen successful exits
  • Expanded portfolio international into Canada and United Kingdom