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YAIR’S CHALLENGE, CEO, Visual Science Informatics

Turn Dr. Rajwan’s typical PhD-friendly, scientific jargon content into a memorable, story-driven presentation for a very important conference presentation.


  • Ira Koretsky worked with Yair to create a persuasive, audience-centered message
  • Together, they distilled his many messages into one unifying message, his Better Tomorrow MessageTM
  • Brought his message to life with an inspiring personal story that would readily resonate with his audience
  • Restructured format with engaging visuals
  • Designed the new presentation with a logical and engaging approach making delivery easier and more comfortable


  • Yair delivered an “unforgettable presentation”
  • More participants than ever before came up to him afterward to talk, learn more, and request follow up meetings
  • Received a direct inquiry from an executive from a Fortune 50 company interested in his company’s solutions and services

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