Create a sales-driven and audience-centered winning message theme and sales capabilities presentation for its Federal government prospects and customers. To simplify and unify a highly complex set of messages for this fast growing, very successful company. To bring together the executive team with the leadership team to gain consensus on the new messaging.

The Chief Storyteller®’s Solution

  • Facilitated a number of executive and leadership brainstorming sessions
  • Condensed several complex and technical themes and messages into one, powerful metaphor-centered story
  • Synchronized its new Better Tomorrow Message TM across its System of Credibility™ — all of its human resources, sales, marketing, and customer service materials
  • Developed a more compelling, more engaging, and more inspiring capabilities presentation
  • Focused capabilities presentation on a brand new set of visually compelling “metaphor” visuals/photographs


  • John’s firm won a $94M contract with the Federal government with its new capabilities presentation
  • It was the first time in the firm’s history, the executive team unanimously agreed to one message
  • “Above and Beyond,” its new value proposition/Better Tomorrow Message TM, is synchronized across its website, employee handbook, presentations, proposals, brochures, and other HR, sales, and marketing materials