Bob’s Challenge, SVP, Transwestern Commercial Real Estate

  • Align his messaging around his personal passion of bringing happiness to his customers
  • Increase revenue substantially with qualified leads
  • Increase referrals from networking events and conferences


  • Ira Koretsky worked with Bob to develop a more compelling story
  • Revamped his elevator pitch by eliminating jargon and infusing his passion for helping clients
  • Created a plan for him to meet his customers based on his Ideal Customer Profile / Buyer Persona
  • Practiced his elevator pitch
  • Tweaked his typical networking conversations to emphasize the value he brings, the commitment he pursues, and the passion he has to bring his clients “happiness”


  • Bob’s revenue is steadily climbing
  • Bob smiles a lot more
  • Created an avenue where networking is more fun and profitable
  • Bob builds credibility instantly with his enhanced networking skills, compelling elevator pitch, and new title of “Chief Happiness Officer”

Services & Solutions Provided: