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Hello… My name is Ira Koretsky, founder and CEO of The Chief Storyteller ® (bio). For more than 25 years, I have trained thousands and provided coaching to hundreds of professionals around the world (customers). The most common initial questions I get asked are below in this handy communication coaching FAQ.

My specialty is communication. I help you simplify the complex and communicate effectively when the stakes are high. I work with leaders, executives, influencers, rising stars, thought leaders, and experts in associations, government, and corporations. With individuals, teams, and across departments.

1. What Types of Coaching Do You Offer?

There are five types of coaching. Most clients blend one or more coaching types into their engagement. Coaching FAQ #4 below describes the coaching packages in detail.

  1. Storytelling Coach, including Data Storytelling  (learn more)
  2. Public Speaking Coach  (learn more)
  3. Executive Communication Coach  (learn more)
  4. Sales Coaching focused on storytelling, public speaking, and communication  (learn more)
  5. Professional Speaker Coach  (learn more)

2. Whom do you coach?

Coaching services are provided to individuals, teams, and across departments:

  • Leaders + Executives
  • High Performers
  • Rising Stars
  • Thought Leaders
  • Influencers
  • Sales Professionals + Sales Teams
  • Trainers
  • New and Experienced Public Speakers

3. Do You Have Off-The-Shelf Or Out-Of-The-Box Programs?

Not at this time. Our services are customized to your goals. See coaching FAQ #4 for our communication coaching packages.

Currently, we are developing online learning courses. Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified when this new service goes live. Our goal is Fall 2021.

Top 10 Executive Communication Coaching Company

We are honored and proud of the award from Manage HR Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Emerging Executive Coaching Companies for 2022.” Manage HR Magazine is one of the premier human resources, training, and talent development magazines internationally.

As part of the award, CEO Ira Koretsky was interviewed by the editors. He talks about how he started The Chief Storyteller®, some of today’s communication challenges, our coaching methodology, and more.

Learn More & Read Ira's Interview

4. What Types of Coaching Packages Do You Offer?

Here is a summary of the benefits and features of each of the four coaching packages.

The table below is best viewed on a tablet or desktop.

During your initial Zoom call, I will review each of the packages in more detail.

Audience Accelerate your success with weekly coaching and hands-on support Accelerate your success with bi-monthly coaching and hands-on support Achieve your goals at a steady pace with monthly coaching Achieve your goals with ad-hoc coaching
Minimum Commitment 3 months 6 months 6 months ≥ 5 hours
10% discount with payment in advance ≥ 6 months ≥ 12 months ≥ 12 months
Live Zoom, 1 hr 4 2 1 Ad Hoc
Live Zoom Intensive, 2 hrs Option to extend one session to 2 hours
Hands-on development of stories, presentations, emails, etc. 3 hrs 1 hr
Email support 4 2
Quick call support, 5 minutes 2 1
Tip Guides ≤ 2 ≤ 1
Tools, Templates, Worksheets ≤ 1
The Great Stories Framework ™ – Personal Online Online
System of Credibility ™
The Story Toolbox
The Great Stories Frameworks™ for a Data Story; Success Story; Presentation; Elevator Pitch
Smart Exercises ≤ 4 ≤ 2
Provide feedback from a video or audio file from a meeting, presentation, conference, etc. ≤ 2 ≤ 1
Success Plan
Audio recording of the session
Transcript of the coaching session
Follow-up email with suggestions after each session Detailed Detailed Brief Very Brief
Kickoff strategy session, define Success Plan 60 mins
Review your presentations, emails, stories, videos, etc. before first coaching session
Shadow and observe. Attend webinars, presentations, all-hands meetings, town halls, etc. By request By request
Additional hours By request By request
Storytelling MasterMind membership (future) Included / Free 25% discount 10% discount 10% discount
Communication Insiders ™ Membership (future) Included / Free 50% discount 25% discount 25% discount

5. What Happens in a Typical Coaching Session?

I provide BOTH coaching advice and hands-on support (think of this as consulting). When providing advice, I offer suggestions for you to think about and for you to implement in your presentations, stories, emails, interviewing, hiring, internal communications, HR, etc. When providing hands-on help, I make specific suggestions, revise, and develop content, narrative, slides, stories, emails, anything related to communication. We also practice and role play to build and maintain (new) skills and abilities.

As you build your skills, I provide you with various resources (e.g., tools, tip guides, worksheets, and Smart Exercises) for you to work on during and in between your sessions. Generally, the Success Plan drives the topic and the exercises. If you have a new priority, say a presentation is asked of you, I will shift to your new priority.

There are over 50 modules I draw from in a variety of categories. Examples include advanced public speaking, business storytelling, communication, and executive presence. Please see the individual coaching pages (links at the top) for examples of learning modules and coaching FAQ #4 to review the types of coaching packages.

6. How Do You Conduct Your Coaching?

Meetings are via Zoom with support and assistance by telephone and email. Please see coaching FAQ #4 for specifics on each of the coaching packages.

7. How Many People Have You Coached?

I have coached more than 100 professionals, in a variety of industries, from around the world. Example customers and coaching success stories.

8. Do You Require a Minimum Commitment for Hours or Length of Time?

Yes, there are minimums. Coaching FAQ #4 above describes these coaching packages and discounts for selecting longer-term coaching engagements.

  • The Accelerator:  Minimum of 3 months
  • The Communicator:  Minimum of 6 months
  • The Advisor:  Minimum of 6 months
  • Ad-Hoc:  Minimum of 5 hours

*See Coaching FAQ #9, directly below, for our First-Hour Guarantee.

9. Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

I offer a First-Hour Promise. If you are not satisfied for any reason after the first hour of coaching, contact me and I will refund your investment minus a first-hour fee.

Any resources provided must be deleted or destroyed. Examples include Tip Guides, Tools, Worksheets, and Smart Exercises.

See coaching FAQ #4 above for the coaching packages.

Like any skill, whether it be a hobby, sport, fitness-related, or musical instrument, to improve, requires a plan, application, and exercises. The more exercises and the more application, the faster you will gain the skills and expertise you need to achieve your personal and professional goals.

10. During What Time is Coaching Available?

Coaching is provided Monday through Friday, 0800 to 1800 Eastern Time.

Note to professionals outside a six-hour time zone from Eastern. Depending upon my travel schedule, workload, and time of year (I am an adjunct professor in the Fall), I may be able to provide coaching services outside the 0800 to 1800 Eastern Time. Please contact me and let me know the times you are available.

11. What Kind Of Success Can I Expect?

Every situation and every person is different. For this reason, we will collaborate on your Success Plan. The Success Plan will match your personal and professional goals with activities, tools, exercises, learning modules, and coaching. Customers who select The Accelerator and The Communicator receive a Success Plan (see coaching FAQ #4 above).

Please note, there are absolutely no guarantees implied or offered. Like any skill, whether it be a hobby, sport, fitness-related, or musical instrument, to improve, requires a plan, application, and exercises. The more exercises and the more application, the faster you will gain the skills and expertise you need to achieve your personal and professional goals.

View and read a variety of Success Stories and Testimonials from happy customers.

12. Can You Tell Me a Little Bit More About Yourself?

I am a coach and consultant, author, blogger, professional speaker, trainer, US Army veteran (CIO and Public Affairs Officer in Military Health), and adjunct professor, with more than 40 articles published. I have inspired more than 36,000 people with my speaking and training in more than a dozen countries. I am an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business, where I teach communication, public speaking, and storytelling. The student final is a 5-minute TED-style talk.

Today, The Chief Storyteller ® is one of the world’s most recognized business storytelling firms. We have more than 500 happy customers in more than a dozen countries.

  1. Fun Fact 1.  I performed in more than 1,000 improvisational comedy shows with ComedySportz. The shows I did are just like television’s, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” I use these skills gained from performing to improve retention and enjoyment of the exercises I share with you.
  2. Fun Fact 2.  I keep a running count of the presentation slides reviewed on behalf of my clients. The count is more than 189,400 slides. This does not include any of the presentations I have developed or watched.
  3. Fun Fact 3. I delivered the first ever, two-part webinar for WebEx in 2003. The two topics were Webinars to the Power of Storytelling and Webinars to the Power of Public Speaking.

You can find my bio here.

13. How Will I Be Billed/Invoiced?

Here are the important parts of invoicing and billing.

  1. Fees.  Fees are paid in full in advance for the minimum commitment time frames listed in #4 above. Payment then becomes monthly after the minimum commitment time period ends.
  2. Payment.  Invoicing/Payment is a) Via check; b) Via Bank ACH (bank or via Square); or c) Via Square with your credit card
  3. Additional Hours/Additional Services.  If you would like to discuss receiving more hands-on support or more coaching, please contact me.

14. How Do You Handle Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Confidential Information?

Our Privacy Policy is available here.

The Chief Storyteller ®‘s recognizes that both parties will likely have access to confidential proprietary information, trade secrets, and confidential personal information. Accordingly, The Chief Storyteller ® hold’s your materials and information in the highest regard. We NEVER share your information in any form, without prior written consent, in perpetuity. We expect the same rigorous confidentiality policy from you in regard to The Chief Storyteller ® intellectual property. Our contract includes a confidentiality section and information on our Intellectual Property (IP).

15. How Do I Schedule an Introductory Zoom Call?

Please fill out this coaching form. Upon receipt of the form, I will contact you to set up our introductory call to discuss your goals for communication coaching.

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