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Our business isn’t easy for an outsider to understand. Your pre-interviews and homework really made the difference. I came away with specific suggestions that I could incorporate immediately – without having to buy into a brand new way of going about my day.

— Nicole Halloran
Business Development Manager
Appleton Coated

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Customized Workshops & Webinars

The Chief Storyteller team shares fresh perspectives on communications, messaging, branding, marketing, sales, storytelling, and leadership. Whether it is a short 30-minute workshop or a multi-day experience, we will make a measurable impact (learn more) on your company and your results. 

Your workshop is...

Customized   Your program is customized to your objectives, professional development goals, and participant needs. Pre-interviews are also conducted.
Engaging   Audience members are encouraged to participate with well-paced interactions based on a library of more than 100 thought-provoking exercises and visual media. 
Entertaining   Your program is filled with relevant personal and professional stories. And the presentation is packed with insightful visual and video examples.

Available individually or as a package, the most requested topics include:

for Sales & Marketing

  • “What Do YOU Do?”  How to tell your value proposition in 30 seconds or less
  • Revenue through Engagement:  Design and deliver sales presentations that engage and influence prospects and customers
  • Storytelling for Sales:  How to turn your personal experiences into inspiring business stories that close more deals
  • Build Better Brands:  Multi-channel communications strategies for increasing customer engagement and revenue growth
  • Optimize Your Social Media Reach: How to build connected communities and strong relationships with effective social media messaging (Select any combination from: blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, and Twitter)
  • Memorable and Meaningful:  Develop compelling corporate communications by applying lessons from the best (and worst) advertising from around the world
  • Perfect Pitch:  Design and deliver the pitch investors want to hear
  • The Big 3:  How to grow your revenue with a compelling value proposition, capabilities statement, and capabilities presentation
  • Grow Your Business:  Humanize your sales message to achieve breakthrough results

for Professional Development

  • Be Unforgettable: Turn your personal experiences into inspiring, message-driven stories
  • Presenting with Confidence: 5 steps for building presentations that engage and inspire your audiences
  • Stronger Relationships: New and different ways of building stronger relationships with colleagues and clients
  • The Deliberate Relationship Builder: 6 steps for building more profitable relationships with networking
  • "Yes And:"  How to use improv humor techniques to be a (much) better communicator and team mate
  • Better Engagement: Improve reach and engagement with effective social media messaging and storytelling

for Professional Development - Leaders & Executives

  • Improv for Leaders: Making small adjustments to make big improvements in your effectiveness
  • Leaders are Storytellers: The art and science of how leaders can use stories to educate, inspire, and persuade


We are happy to customize programs and content to meet the needs of your company.
Contact us today and learn more about workshops that generate results

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