Build a Better Workplace with Better Communication

Done well, your all-hands meeting can be one of the most powerful communication and culture tools you have.

Employee loyalty is not what it used to be. There are dozens of studies attributing employee turnover to a variety of reasons across categories such as senior management, transparency, mission, values, and more (articles and studies below). Organizations with “I-don’t-want-to-miss” all-hands meetings can and do affect positive change in all of these categories.

All-hands meetings should be something everyone looks forward to – employees and leaders alike


The Chief Storyteller® team helps you with all aspects of planning and execution as they relate to communication. We offer training, services, and coaching. Example areas include:

  1. Develop theme/key message and call-to-action
  2. Set agenda
  3. Select speakers
  4. Work with speakers on their content (message, stories, visuals)
  5. Practice with speakers on their delivery (vocal variety and body language)
  6. Master Q&A
  7. Overall look and feel, meeting flow
  8. Day-of, on-site speaker coordination
  9. Collaborate with A/V team
  10. After:  Provide specific recommendations to Speakers on all aspects related to his/her presentation


  1. Align everyone to your organizational goals, priorities, and values
  2. Staff leave the meeting with a clear call-to-action
  3. Build and reinforce organizational culture
  4. “Humanize” the leadership team
  5. Promote transparency
  6. Foster a more collaborative environment
  7. Reinforce your focus on your employees
  8. Give everyone a voice (through Q&A)
  9. Demonstrate your follow through on commitments
  10. Promote warm feelings of achievement (celebrate success)


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Photography Source:  Deposit Photos