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Appear in More Searches. Be Viewed More. Increase Inquiries.

Elevate Effectiveness. Increase Impact. Generate Results.


Our LinkedIn Makeover Service is for mid-career to executive level professionals.

LinkedIn® is truly for professionals. Few social media sites around the world are. As such, audiences have very different expectations.

They expect more assertive words and messages. They expect verbs and adjectives. They expect proper grammar and spelling. And most importantly, they expect your profile to have clear benefits and clear business messages.


Our approach to your Linkedin makeover is different. We approach each profile from messaging and business story perspectives, keeping in mind your goals and what your target audience is seeking. We balance your personal and professional goals with the “expectations” of LinkedIn audiences (e.g., prospects, customers, future employees, and recruiters).


There are a number of benefits to having a well-written, well-messaged, and well-storied profile. The top ones include:

  • Enhance your professional personal brand
  • Advance your career
  • Can position you as thought leader
  • Highlight your accomplishments and successes
  • Validate your expertise with bona fide recommendations
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Appear in more searches
  • Increase inquiries
  • Tell a compelling, personal business story


Our expertise is taking your personal experiences and turning them into compelling business stories and accomplishments. For your LinkedIn makeover, we will write your profile in a conversational and style authentic to you (capturing your “voice”) that positions you as the expert you are.

Six Key Steps for Your LinkedIn Makeover

  1. Complete our questionnaire with personal branding and positioning questions
  2. Have an informational interview by telephone, Skype, or equivalent
  3. Receive a revised profile by email
  4. Provide feedback on the profile by email
  5. Have a 30-minute review conversation by telephone, Skype, or equivalent
  6. Receive a final LinkedIn Profile by email

Your New LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn makeover includes:

  1. Keyword phrases customized to your industry and goals
  2. Updated sections to include:

– Professional headline
– Summary
– Social media sites
– Websites
– “Vanity URL” suggestions
– Publications, Education, Volunteering
– Experience/Work History (up to three positions)

Additional Value Adds

Your makeover services also includes:

  • Articles on storytelling, messaging, career, and elevator pitch
  • Tip guides, which are helpful documents that contain specific, how-to information such as:  How to make your profile more understandable; Comprehensive List of Verbs; and How to create a “Tell-Me-More Better Tomorrow Message™


If you are looking to advance your skills and career status, we offer hands-on coaching to complement your new LinkedIn makeover profile. They include:  Executive Communication Coach; Public Speaking Coach; Storytelling Coach; and Speaker Coach.

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