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Thank you for your interest in coaching with The Chief Storyteller®.  One thing we have learned above all is the critical importance of having chemistry with you. What we don’t know and do need to know is, “do we have chemistry and trust?” If we don’t, the coaching won’t work. Period.

For you to be successful, we need to know the answers to three critical questions:

  1. What have you been doing/what are you currently doing to achieve your personal and professional goals?
  2. Why are you not successful in achieving your goals?
  3. Can The Chief Storyteller® help you achieve your goals?

As a result, we developed key questions and 8 interest areas for you to identify as to what is important in your future coaching engagement. Together, we will review your answers in our preliminary meeting. The more specific your answers, the better the meeting experience will be for both of us.

It should take 5 to 15 minutes. Skip interest areas not applicable to your situation. In addition, you can read through the FAQ Page, which answers most initial questions.

After you press the black [Submit] button at the very bottom, you should see a big, orange thank you message:  Thank you for completing the “Getting to Know You” form. If you don’t see the thank you message, please scroll down to address the prompts.

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