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Happy New Year 2021 – Goodbye 2020

Goodbye 2020. Goodbye 2020. Goodbye 2020. (say with your volume rising, your speaking pace quickening, and a long pause at each period). There's been a trillion articles, tweets, posts, videos,…
Ira Koretsky
January 1, 2021
happy veterans day 2020 - ira koretsky rapelling down tower at Fort Sam Houston, TexasBlog

Happy Veterans Day 2020

To my fellow veterans, THANK YOU! I am a United States Army veteran. I served in health IT as both a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Public Affairs Officer (PAO).…
Ira Koretsky
November 11, 2020
milton berle quote on opening your own doors, showing five doors for new year in 2020Blog

Happy New Year 2020

From everyone at The Chief Storyteller®, have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2020. In honor of 2020, here's an insightful quote from Milton Berle. "If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a…
Ira Koretsky
January 1, 2020
happy veterans day 2019, parade with US Marines Marching, New York CityBlog

Happy Veterans Day 2019

To all our veterans, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Our CEO, Ira Koretsky, is a United States Army veteran...he served in health IT as both a Chief Information Officer…
Ira Koretsky
November 11, 2019
fathers day, sea monster, super hero dad, dad with makeup and hair pinsBlog

Happy Father’s Day 2019

Here are three dad photographs - one wacky sea monster, one touching superhero family, and one fun matching hair pin daddy daughter duo. To all of the fathers and grandfathers,…
Ira Koretsky
June 19, 2019
happy 244th birthday US Army - logo with red, white, and blue text of 244thBlog

Happy 244th Birthday US Army 2019

From the US Army website, celebrating its birthday and commemorating D-Day. The U.S. Army was established June 14, 1775. This year marks 244 years of continuous service to the great…
Ira Koretsky
June 14, 2019
happy mothers day 2019, large wonder woman toy playing with small superman and batmanBlog

Happy Mother’s Day 2019

To all of the mothers and grandmothers, thank you for being good role models, caring and nurturing us, and inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves. Everybody’s story…
Ira Koretsky
May 12, 2019