The Chief Storyteller is honored to be a certified recipient of the Delaware GSS16659-PROFTRNG contract. As a Delaware Government organization, we offer over 50 training programs and keynote presentations across 8 workforce development learning categories (see below).

Every program is designed to improve individual and organizational performance. Every program is customized to your learning objectives and agency’s culture (visit Meeting Planners to learn more). Every program is actionable with specific take-aways and exercises matched to your participant’s learning development goals. And every program offers a safe and fun learning experience.

Ira Koretsky

CEO | Founder | Army Veteran


Ira Koretsky, CEO of The Chief Storyteller® and US Army veteran, combines his business acumen, public speaking experience, facilitation expertise, training skills, improvisational comedy background, and storytelling skills to ensure your program is educational, engaging, and actionable (customers, past performance/success stories, video clips, and testimonials).

Ira has worked with more than a dozen local, state, Federal, and international government agencies from around the world. He has presented and trained front line professionals to senior leadership. To learn more about his approach and delivery style, visit Meeting Planner and Video Clips pages.

Ira’s specialty is helping people with their written, spoken, and social media communication that work in complex, technical positions and where the stakes are high. Ira is also a US Army Veteran, where he was both a Public Affairs Officer (PAO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) in Healthcare Information Technology.


Below are 8 accordion/windows listing the workshop titles. Press [+] to expand and [-] to close. Note each workshop is only listed once in its main topic area.

1 Storytelling

  • “What Do You Do?” Develop a Powerful and Compelling “Tell Me More” Mission Statement I – Fundamentals
  • “What Do You Do?” Develop a Powerful and Compelling “Tell Me More” Mission Statement II – Advanced
  • Unforgettable Storytelling I – Fundamentals
  • Unforgettable Storytelling II – Advanced
  • Unforgettable Storytelling IV – Practical



  • Executive Storytelling I – Fundamentals
  • Executive Storytelling II – Advanced
  • Executive Storytelling IV – Practical


  • Body Language for Leaders III – Mastery
  • Inspire and Influence with Your Words, Body, and Voice I – Fundamentals
  • Inspire and Influence with Your Words, Body, and Voice IV – Practical
  • Presentations for Leaders I – Fundamentals
  • Presentations for Leaders IV – Practical


  • Better Meetings for New Leaders I – Fundamentals
  • Better Meetings for New Leaders II – Advanced
  • Body Language for New Leaders I – Fundamentals
  • Body Language for New Leaders II – Advanced


  • Become a Recognized Thought Leader I – Fundamentals
  • Become a Recognized Thought Leader II – Advanced
  • Become a Recognized Thought Leader IV – Practical


  • LinkedIn® for Leaders I – Fundamentals
  • LinkedIn® for Leaders II – Advanced
  • Personal Branding I – Fundamentals
  • Personal Branding IV – Practical
  • Social Media for Leaders I – Fundamentals
  • Social Media, Twitter for Leaders I – Fundamentals
  • Social Media, Twitter for Leaders II – Advanced

3 Presentation & Public Speaking


  • Develop and Deliver Great Webinars I – Fundamentals
  • Develop and Deliver Great Webinars IV – Practical
  • Great Presentations I – Fundamentals
  • Great Presentations II – Advanced
  • Great Presentations III – Mastery
  • Great Presentations IV – Practical
  • PowerPoint 2016 I – Fundamentals
  • PowerPoint 2016 II – Advanced
  • PowerPoint 2016 IV – Practical


  • Body Language Skills I – Fundamentals
  • Body Language Skills II – Advanced
  • Body Language Skills III – Mastery
  • Public Speaking I – Fundamentals
  • Public Speaking II – Advanced
  • Public Speaking III – Mastery
  • Public Speaking IV – Practical
  • Speak Like TED I – Fundamentals
  • Speak Like TED II – Advanced
  • Speak Like TED IV – Practical

4 General Communication Skills


  • Active Listening I – Fundamentals
  • Active Listening II – Advanced
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • People Skills, Building and Enhancing I – Fundamentals
  • People Skills, Building and Enhancing II – Advanced


  • Etiquette – Telephone, Text, Email, & Social Media I – Fundamentals
  • Etiquette – Telephone, Text, Email, & Social Media II – Advanced
  • Excite Non-Technical Audiences with your Ideas I – Fundamentals
  • Excite Non-Technical Audiences with your Ideas II – Advanced
  • Get Your Ideas Approved I – Fundamentals
  • Get Your Ideas Approved IV – Practical
  • Humor in the Workplace I – Fundamentals
  • Humor in the Workplace II – Advanced
  • Writing Great Emails I – Fundamentals
  • Writing Great Emails II – Advanced


  • Relationship Building and Networking I – Fundamentals
  • Relationship Building and Networking II – Advanced
  • Relationship Building and Networking IV – Practical

5 Social Media

  • Blogging I – Fundamentals
  • Blogging II – Advanced
  • Blogging III – Mastery
  • LinkedIn® I – Fundamentals
  • LinkedIn® II – Advanced
  • LinkedIn® IV – Practical
  • Social Media, How to Use It I – Fundamentals
  • Social Media, When to Use It II – Advanced
  • Social Media, Twitter I – Fundamentals
  • Social Media, Twitter II – Advanced


  • LinkedIn® for Career Success I – Fundamentals
  • LinkedIn® for Career Success II – Advanced
  • Personal Branding for Career Success I – Fundamentals
  • Personal Branding for Career Success II – Advanced
  • Social Media for Career Success I – Fundamentals
  • Social Media for Career Success II – Advanced

7 Team Building Workshop

  • Teamwork Skills, No More “But”Heads I – Fundamentals
  • Teamwork Skills, No More “But”Heads IV – Practical
  • “Yes And” – Improve Influence and Effectiveness


  • Awaken the Storytelling Giant in You
  • No More “But”Heads
  • Speak Like TED

One of the most important aspects to the success of the program were the pre interviews. Ira spent time with each participant getting to know them and getting to know their important issues. When it came time for Ira to conduct the training, his research was appreciated by everyone in the room. His examples, stories, and exercises were are all customized to my team’s needs and what I wanted the learning opportunities to be. Over the past few months, I have seen positive changes in our team effectiveness due to his training program and my executive team’s reinforcement of the key take-aways.

Employee (name withheld)United States Federal Government

Your executive storytelling program was the key reason I chose to attend the overall event. In fact, it was somewhat of a life altering experience for me! I thoroughly enjoyed and valued your teaching moments and wisdom. You not only shared excellent insight but you made it interesting and fun! I recognize how critical this skill is to ensure I am a more influential leader primarily for my organization’s and team’s sake.

Juanita W.United States Federal Government

I was in Ira’s session at VETS2015 and could not leave the room! Everyone hung on to every word. I said to myself, “I need to get Ira to speak at my other conferences!” We did. Ira was fantastic, again! Attendees hung on every word (again). He delivered his messages on better communications and storytelling while challenging them in a good way. Ira ended his keynote with his “Treat Everyone Like A CEO” exercise — a BIG hit. To see 950 people laughing, smiling, and communicating created a very positive atmosphere and set the tone for the rest of the conference. Ira hit “a home run.”

Earl MorganDepartment of Energy, Conference Manager

Ira has a unique and captivating way of looking at how organizations communicate–what they are doing today and what they should be doing. He engaged our participants with relevant ideas and made very practical suggestions that we could all use the next day.

Pete K.United States Federal Government

We had this excellent program inside NCHS/CDC that was designed to improve the health of communities/cities across the United States. After conducting telephone calls and visiting cities, we came to realize that neither our organization story or messages were compelling. The Chief Storyteller partnered with our team to help us develop a unified set of communication materials that would inspire both the community leaders and leaders within CDC. Within just six months, we had everything we needed! And within a year, we were able to secure additional funding to help even more communities.

Lewis B.United States Federal Government

That was a great joy being on Mr. Koretsky’s lecture “Three Steps to Tell Your Business Story” in Tbilisi, Georgia. The whole story told by him was so friendly, easy-going and well understandable. It brought me great pleasure. I suppose that the confidence and the knowledge came to him during his tremendous experience (speaking from the age of 15—wow!!) and I am very thankful to him and the whole CRDF organization for this very enjoyable conference.

Levan Shanidze, M.D.Neurosurgeon, Tbilisi City Hospital after Acad. O. Gudushauri, Tbilisi, Georgia

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Header of Delaware Legislative Hall in Dover from Wikimedia