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Be The Type Of Conference Presenter Audiences Want To Hear and The Type of Presenter You Want To Be

What would it mean to you…

  • To get up on stage and be respected as a thought leader?
  • To turn a data-driven presentation into a dynamic, tell-me-more conference presentation?
  • To inspire them to think differently, with compelling content and insightful exercises?
  • To reshape personal experiences into powerful, high-impact stories?
  • To accelerate prospecting and client acquisition?

What difference could THIS presentation mean to you and your organization?


Ira Koretsky, CEO of The Chief Storyteller®, is a conference presentation veteran, having delivered more than 550 keynote presentations and workshops in 11 countries, to more than 40,100 people. He designed these services for you, whether new or experienced.

The Chief Storyteller® offers complete and à la carte conference presentation services for your Keynote, General Session, Main Stage, Workshop, Launch Event, Moderator Role, and Panelist Role.

Ira remembers when he was a new speaker, planning to deliver his first conference presentation in 2004. He presented his signature Leaders STORY ™ (Leaders to the Power of Story ™) workshop at the annual ASAE Great Ideas Conference.

Nearly 20 years later, Ira has spoken for ASAE eight times and internationally to more than 319 different organizations.

He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, where he teaches Communications. In the course, Ira teaches about 70 honors students in public speaking, data storytelling, and business storytelling. The student final is a five-minute TED-Style Talk. Students pick their topic, develop engaging presentation visuals, craft a compelling narrative told through the eyes of a personal story, and teach us something new, as all good TED, TEDx, and Public Speakers do.

Below, you will find two sections describing the various conference presentation services. Contact us today and learn more about how we will make your upcoming conference presentation (more) engaging, (more) memorable, and (more) inspiring.

Looking for public speaking and presentation support (non conference presentation)? Please visit our Public Speaking page.

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Be. More Engaging. More Memorable. More Inspiring.

business professionals and executives drawn to your idea, your idea lightbulb for your presentation for conference, workshop, storytelling with data, all-hands meeting, townhall


  • Analysis of Audience
  • Value prop / Better Tomorrow Message
  • Storyboard with slide messages
  • Speakers’ Bio & Program description
  • Storytelling for impact
  • Identify Interactions (story, exercise, video, etc.)
  • The Great Presentation Framework

* Complete presentation organization

graphic of woman working on presentation slides for your conference, workshop, storytelling with data, all-hands meeting, townhall


  • Ideas into images
  • Data Storytelling
  • Talking points & full script
  • The Great Stories Framework
  • The Great Stories Framework for Data
  • Compelling opening + inspiring closing
  • Optional graphic design services

* Use your brand and slide style guides

public speaking - executives deliver their presentation for conference, workshop, storytelling with data, all-hands meeting, townhall


  • Effective body language
  • Speaking enhancements (our specialty)
  • Vocal variety
  • Confident & commanding presence
  • Handling Q&A
  • Increase impact with figures of speech
  • Practice & refine

* Includes on-going narrative suggestions



  • High impact photographs
  • Build engaging visuals
  • Enhance current content
  • Consistent look & feel
  • Limited messaging advice

* We use your brand and slide style guides


* See Storytelling Coach for more details


  • Build confidence
  • Vocal variety
  • Effective body language
  • Speaking enhancements (our secret sauce)
  • Practice & refine

* Excludes changes to visuals and content


These services reinforce and expand your public speaking and conference presentation skills.


Presentation Worth $94 Million

Presentation Worth $94 Million

More Confidence. More Viewers.

More Confidence. More Viewers.

“You Saved the Day!”

“You Saved the Day!”

Successfully Sold ~$70M Family-Owned Business

Successfully Sold ~$70M Family-Owned Business

Best Presentation in My “American Life”

Best Presentation in My “American Life”

“The presentation went very, very … very well”

“The presentation went very, very … very well”

You saved the day! FEDLINK became the Federal government procurement Executive Agent for over $515M in information products. We could not have earned this role without your coaching and hands-on help with our presentation.

Blane D.United States Federal Government

In all the years as executive director, I cannot remember watching a keynote from start to finish. I’m typically handling any number of conference-related questions or issues. For Ira’s keynote, I stayed the entire time. His warmth, humor, and passion engaged the audience members from the first few words. Ira energized the audience with a variety of insightful approaches to being stronger communicators and better business storytellers. Six months later, our members are still talking about him.

Torryn Brazell, CAE, CMPExecutive Director, National Grants Management Association (NGMA)

As a non-native English speaker, I had been nervous about public speaking. I was prepared, in control, natural, funny. I had my best presentation in my ‘American’ life! Love you for turning me into a PRO!

Eszter K.Senior Adviser

It was more than a keynote, it was a kickoff. Ira excited our group with new ways of looking at our industry. I loved that he engaged our members quickly and fully. It's rare for us to have the entire audience participating. Ira had us out of our seats with relevant and fun exercises. Our members were talking about Ira's keynote conference presentation throughout the event and have continued to do so. It was a great start to our conference.

Brent McClendonExecutive Vice President, International Wood Products Association (IWPA)

“We have just one opportunity to present our story, our capabilities, our ‘why us?’” And after her big presentation, Gloria called Ira and told him, “The presentation went very, very, very well! Amara landed the contract.”

Gloria McFarlandCEO, Amara Enterprise

I love our investor presentation deck. And I love how much easier public speaking is for me now. Thank you for all of your coaching. It really, really, really paid off. I have won numerous pitch competitions. I've been featured in magazines. And most importantly, we raised over $1M in our first round. THANK YOU!

Sue CarrCEO, CarrTech

Simplify and tell better stories… Those were my big takeaways. You helped me develop and deliver an "unforgettable conference presentation" at the most important industry conference. Your help was instrumental in my success. More participants than ever before came up to me afterward to talk, to learn more, and to request follow up meetings.

Yair Rajwan, MS, DScCEO, Visual Science Informatics
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