Hello… My name is Ira Koretsky, founder and CEO of The Chief Storyteller® (bio). For more than 25 years, I have trained thousands and provided coaching to hundreds of professionals around the world (customers).

My specialties are helping leaders and experts like you, simplify the complex and communicate effectively when the stakes are high. I regularly work with leaders, executives, and rising stars in associations, government, and corporations. More about me below…

Coaching leaders and experts to simplify the complex and to communicate effectively when the stakes are high


I’m a different kind of coach. More like a 1-on-1 consultant. I blend together the best of my experience and expertise from being a consultant, professional speaker, trainer, and adjunct professor.

I am an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, where I earned my MBA. My course, Enterprise Communications, teaches public speaking, communication, and business storytelling to about 70 honors students. The student final is a five minute, TED-Style Talk. Each student picks his/her own topic, develops engaging presentation visuals, crafts a compelling narrative told through the eyes of a personal story, and teaches us something new, as all good TED and TEDx speakers do.


Depending upon what we are working on, sometimes I act like a coach, sometimes like a consultant, and sometimes like a professional trainer. The professional trainer comes into play when you need to build, hone, or maintain various communication skills. I draw from over 100 written and verbal Smart ExercisesTM developed by The Chief Storyteller® team.


Since starting The Chief Storyteller® in 2002, I continually develop and refine our exercises, tools, and frameworks. And I continually refine our approach to coaching. Consistently,  I have found co-creating your engagement structure for our meetings works best. The structure will be a blend of your goals, milestones, timetable, and availability.

Sometimes we will practice, sometimes we will collaborate, brainstorm and strategize, sometimes we will revise, sometimes you’ll do some exercises, sometimes you’ll share your activities and the results. I use a combination of in-person meetings, Zoom video, telephone calls, and email during your coaching engagement.

Whatever we do, my approach to your coaching, is to ensure you achieve your personal and professional goals, in your own authentic way.

Achieve your personal and professional goals, in your own authentic way


The Chief Storyteller® offers six types of customized coaching services. Most coaching clients blend one or more coaching services into their engagement.  Click/touch the icon to learn more about the specific coaching service.

Executive Communication Coach

for executives and rising stars seeking practical advice and hands-on help

Public Speaking Coach

for those seeking a “personal trainer” for public speaking

Storytelling Coach

for people with a goal of taking business storytelling to a whole new level

Sales Coach

for sales professionals who want to be top performers

Sales Demo Coach

for sales professionals who want to excel at demonstrations

Speaker Coach

for aspiring, new, and seasoned professional speakers


Collaborating for Success

Collaborating for Success

More Confidence. More Viewers.

More Confidence. More Viewers.

“You Saved the Day!”

“You Saved the Day!”

Storytelling Increased Revenue 20%

Storytelling Increased Revenue 20%

Best Presentation in My “American Life”

Best Presentation in My “American Life”

“The presentation went very, very … very well”

“The presentation went very, very … very well”

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